Oliver some of his fighting skills from. They

Oliver was born to Robert Queen, the founder and CEO of Queen Consolidated,
and business woman, Moira Queen in Star City. They treated as their friend and
seems like they didn’t interfere with Oliver business but rather focusing on
the company. This may be the reason why when Oliver was in his late teens to
early twenties he was acting out. He got in trouble with the police, he went
out a clubbing and was very sexually active. When he started dating one of his
best friends, Laurel Lance but when she had told him that she wanted to move in
with him he got scared and slept with a woman by the named of Samantha Clayton
who he later had a child with, and with Laurel’s sister, Sara.

The primary agent of socialization during the early parts of his was his
parents who had taught him language and how he should behave with others.
Oliver was clearly a very outspoken person who didn’t exactly care about
manners or what other people thought which may either be because his parents
had not teacher him or the peers he hanged out with had influenced this

One day on a trip with his father on his yacht with Sara. During a
storm, the yacht turned over causing Sara to slip in to the water. Oliver was
brought on to a lifeboat with his father but due to the lack of provisions,
Oliver’s father killed the other crew member and himself but not before telling
Oliver that he had done something wrong and it was Oliver’s duty to right it.
Once he was able to reach an island he seemed to experience symptoms of
depression with his sudden onset of fatigue and sullen nature.  He met a man by the name of Yao Fei who seemed
like he was going to help Oliver get off the island, but he introduced him to a
group Fyers who tortured Oliver finding out what he knew about the island only
to find out he didn’t but once he figure it out they kept him captive. The
betrayal of the man may be one of the underlying cause to why when including the
torture and alienation during his time with the Fyers. After escaping the Fyers
he met a man called Slade who he became friends with and learned some of his
fighting skills from. They joined together with Yao Fei to save Yao Fei’s
daughter, Shado. Oliver soon became close with Shado and opened to her. She
gifted him the hood which soon became a symbol for the things he stood for. His
interactions with the people on the island who were both against him and with
him, Oliver learned responsibility responsible and loyalty by sacrificing both
of his chance to get off the island to help. He also started to like killing
because it took mind off the pain he felt from losing his father and Sara. Then
he finds out Sara is alive and in situation with the Fyers he sacrificed Shado
for Sara who ended up “dying” before Oliver’s time on the island was over.  During Oliver’s time on the island he was
unintentionally resocialized to become killer who couldn’t show his emotions as
well which is clearly evident when he gets of the island. He was able to keep
some of his

During his time on the island, his friends Slade, Yao Fei, Shado he was
in had taught him to become more responsible with their fighting practices. His
personality changed dramatically from a boy who didn’t exactly know what he was
doing to a person who had a purpose and treated people with the respect that he
thought they deserve  such as his behavior
with Slade who soon became a close friend.

Once he did get off the island and returned home he was distant with his
family and friends. It was clearly shown that Oliver was resocialized to become
unremorseful and distrusting. He tried to hide this personality change by
keeping up with his former playboy persona, but many people saw right through
such as his sister. He couldn’t open to his family especially, his little
sister on what had happened to him on the island and kept what he was going to
do protect his family and friends. He tried to fix his relationship with Laurel
but his guilt over her sister’s death always came back causing him to push
Laurel away from him. He started to become more protective of his sister Thea
who had started acting out after Oliver went missing. During the first few days
he was back, he was kidnapped along with his best friend Tommy. He killed his
captive without so much of a thought which shows that Oliver had grown
accustomed to killing. When he had come back to the city he also came back with
a plan; to make sure every corrupt businessman to right their wrongs. He became
“the Hood”. Eventually due to suspicions, he let in his body guard, John Diggle
and tech, Felicity Jones. He started taking on other criminals which soon
filled Oliver with pride after the fact that he had a much bigger purpose which
was to fight against injustices. Slowly as the Arrow he becomes less inclined
to kill and became humanized. He eventually became ardent that he should never
kill or torture again when Tommy died. Oliver felt that his death was his fault,
so he became reclusive once more and went back to the island. After Diggle and
Felicity persuaded him to return to Star City to start crime fighting again, he
came back with the purpose that he should never kill again. Oliver started getting
close to Felicity, but since he was afraid of hurting her like he did to Laurel
and Shado, he was extremely hesitant to pursue a relationship with her.
Eventually they formed a very close relationship. He began to try an trust
people and let them in on what had happened and is happening in his life. His
team and his sister were the one who gained all ot of the trust and Oliver
began to see as the vigilantes they were.

Oliver started to feel as though he isn’t able to balance his
relationship with Felcity as well as being “the hood”