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17, 2017

High-Rises Paper










High-rises are starting to catch a lot of architect’s attention all over the United
States and also other countries as well. Not only that is something new but
also something that will catch everyone’s attention, when it comes to how it
looks compared to other concrete and metal buildings like here in New York City
(Jessica Leber, 2015). These wooden high rises are made from heavy timber, in
this case, cross-laminated timber.   Having a building made of wood in your
neighborhood is automatically unique in a sense. Cross-laminated timber also
known as CLT is no longer considered light-construction, it’s now the better
way of using heavy timber which makes it lighter with less mass. CTL is a
multi-layer wooden panel made of lumber.  (Robert Avsec, Fire Chief, 2017)


people who want these types of buildings made out of wood are the Agriculture
Department along with the U.S Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, just to
mention a few. There’s plenty of people out there that want these buildings to
be made everywhere. A lot of “environmentalist” also want these buildings to
continue (Jessica Leber, 2015). The reason many people want these buildings are
because they cause very little carbon footprints in the air. They are good for
the environment compared to other buildings made of regular materials like
concrete and metal. Wood material is one of the many that have a great impact
on the atmosphere and people are going crazy for this. The type of construction
that is needed will also be much faster and less noisy for the surrounding
neighborhood. People also want wooden buildings because they save a lot of
energy and absorb a lot of carbon. There’s many other little benefits here and
there but these are mostly the more important ones that people take in consideration.
(Freshome’s Very Best, David Daniel, 2014)

The Great Chicago
Fire is a fire that stays in the back of the head of many people in the United
States. This fire happened in 1871 where almost an entire town became on fire
after a wooden building became on fire and quickly spread around to other
buildings surrounding it. This fire killed over 300 people and cased 200
Million worth of damage. 17,450 buildings were destroyed and 100,000 people were
left homeless which was 31% of the population at the time (Great Chicago Fire
of 1871, 2017)


Fires like the Great
Chicago Fire can haunt people till this day and may put some second thoughts in
terms of where these wooden high rises are headed. I understand that they look
wonderful and bring some type of warmth to people but when it comes to a person’s
safety, buildings like this may not be the best idea. These buildings may
easily burst into flames when ignited and can also be taken down easier by an
earthquake than concrete and metal buildings, in my opinion. Wooden high rises
may have a small footprint in the air compared to other buildings but when a
wooden building is burnt down, it itself has left a huge carbon footprint in
its place.


places that are taking the initiative to building wooden high rises are all
across the United States. One of them is in Minneapolis, which is building a
210,000 square-foot wooden building. Another one is here close to us, in
Manhattan, West Chelsea. This is going to be a 10-story condo building. Another
one is going in Portland, this is a 12-story building which is going to be the
tallest wood building when completed. There’s one being built in Canada which
will be for University of British Columbia students and it’s going to be 17
stories high. There’s other two being built in Canada as long as three others in
Europe. (Patrick Sisson, The Wooden High-Rises and Timber Towers Changing
Construction, Mapped, 2016).


There’s building
codes out there for every single building being built and of course, these
wooden houses have very unique building codes. According to the Fire Chief,
(Are Wood-Frame High Rises a Fire Risk?), the fire codes are “Type V-1 Hour
Protected over Type I Construction with a three-hour separation, concrete slab.
The top four stories may be R-1 Occupancy. There must be an installed fire
protection system throughout the structure. The maximum building height cannot
exceed 65 feet. Firefighting equipment access requirements must be complied
with”. These codes are very important to keep these buildings running and to
keep on building them. I agree with the building codes placed for these types
of building and I believe that it can be improved more by time.


My opinion on
these terms might not really matter but everyone has the right to an opinion
and I will state mine. I feel like building these wooden high rises are a
danger to society. I feel like these building can burn with high velocities if
not attended to properly. I feel like wooden high rises aren’t the direction we
should be headed towards. Yes, they do have a great impact towards the atmosphere
but there has to a better way to get things done the right way other than
wooden buildings. If we were to keep the wooden buildings, which I believe it’s
what’s going to happen because people don’t think about the dangers until it
happens, I think it should be kept under 65 feet of height. I don’t think there
should be wooden building high rises out there taller than 6 stories. I feel
like it’s extremely dangerous because the amount of people the building can
hold and the amount of space it can take. I don’t think wooden high rises
should be continued, if they are, I believe that that the fire codes and building
codes should be on top of everything to make sure everything is done properly
because another incident like the “Great Chicago Fire’ can’t happen again.