Ohhh.. After a long hectic schedule of my

Ohhh..  After a long hectic schedule of my marine’s job finally we planned a much-awaited vacation to Goa last weekend, and that was perhaps my best ever trip.  Goa is known for its beautiful beaches with full of life but for us, that was just a tiny part of our trip, we explore goa beyond beaches.  I was super excited as my 2.5-year-old son was playing with water waves first time. video width=”640″ height=”352″ mp4=”http://elfingirlonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Fun-Moments.mp4″/videoAnd I was getting the sun-kissed look (one of my biggest obsession).A golden tan is sometimes essential to look super sexy and slimmer too (don’t you believe? just try once). After few days, vacation was over and that glorious bronze look turned into an uneven patchy skin. I feel sometimes it is good to be fake to get that tan skin with products. My skin becomes completely dry, no moisture as sunbeams take out the moisture from my skin very badly, and that was so horrible.I knew that the best to get rid of that tan was having patience and letting that tan fade away by itself but I was not lucky enough to even wait, as my neighbor had some ceremony on following weekend.That was the time when I first time uses my O3+ whitening facial kit which my husband has gifted me a few days ago. I was not expecting some overnight magic. I only wanted to make my skin little better of. But guess what this product actually surprised me and the result was beyond my expectations.Science behind the product:-     Being a microbiologist and worked in pharma company for many years, I am always keen to know the mechanism of the product and product ingredient as well. ( I am a bit choosy in that ).Ozone or O3+ is nothing but three atoms of oxygen which acts as a shielding layer of earth from harmful UV rays of the sun. These three atoms are highly active and play a major role by attaching to pollutant and purifying the air.Same way in skin care product, it detoxifies our skin, heals damaged tissues, and stimulate the growth of new skin cells as well. O3+ whitening facial kit review:-Price-Rs/-3800 I am a big fan of O3+ products (used earlier) but this one was a bit expensive (Rs. 4370/- approx.) but the quantity is huge that you can use more than 20 times from one kit. The kit comes in a nice box comprising of whitening cleansing foam, whitening toner, whitening serum, whitening cream and whitening mask. All the bottles and jars are of glass (little risky when you have kids around you). o3+ whitening Cleansing foam:  So I started with whitening cleansing foam which is creamy in texture and require a very small amount of two drops to clean entire face and neck, it has a lovely pleasant smell. I thoroughly cleanse my face by massaging in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes. ( till it gets completely absorbed)o3+ whitening Cleansing Toner:  then comes my favorite skin product toner. I sprayed a small amount of toner on a cotton ball and dab on my entire face and neck.o3+ whitening Serum:  Then I applied little serum on the face directly and used my galvanic machine for better absorption into the skin. ( if you don’t have machine, you can massage with your finger’s tip in circular motion till it get absorbed). Next step was to pamper my skin with massage cream. o3+ whitening Cream:  The consistency of cream was very thick and smells lovely, only a small amount of cream was sufficient. Although it is recommended to massage it at least 15-20 minutes. I being a lazy girl massaged only for 10-12 min. approx. then I wiped my face with damp cotton ( very important step) I applied a thin layer of mask all over my face and neck. ( Ohhh latterly my hands are achhe! ). o3+ whitening Mask:  Mask was again very thick in consistency and can be used more than 20 minutes for sure. It was easy to apply and very smooth and does not turn hard or tight at all. After 15-20 minutes I washed my face with normal water. The whole process was easy to follow and each product smells differently but very refreshing.How well it performed:Now I was eager to see my face and the result was latterly overwhelming, my skin was extremely clean, smooth, bright and intensely nourishing. It actually brightened my complexion and makes my skin to glow again.Then the major concern for me at that time was my tan skin, so would not say that this product completely removed the tan effect from my skin but for sure result was noticeable and I believe reduced more than 50% in just one facial treatment. I totally loved O3+ whitening kit which gives baby skin after effect.The only cons which I found about the product are packaging quantity. Quantity is so huge that you will have to wait for more than a year to finish even if you use twice in a month. If it comes in small quantity definitely everyone can afford, and availability, not readily available in stores; you have to find it either online or in selective stores in selective cities.Final verdict:Yes, I will be buying this facial kit again again and again until I am old and wrinkly (Although I don’t think I would be that wrinkly if I carry on using them).Eagle eye is a focused assignment to discover and review fresh or (fresh to me) beauty and hair products to help you whether or not you should buy the product.