Objective unit having more than 100 staff member

Seeking A a position in the field of Automobile and fleet maintenance in a well-established firm to utilize my education and experience in a way that benefits the company.
? Bachelor of science , mechanical engineering ,Minia university, Minia, Egypt,1985
Personal Skills
? Perfect working knowledge Microsoft windows, MS word, MS Excel, and MS access(programming
? Experienced with Multiple workshop and asset Management system like Enterprise asset management system eAM (Oracle platform), Trace and Maximo
? Experienced with Multiple Software diagnose system for Mercedes Benz, MAN, Alison transmission DAF trucks and Cummins engine
Personal Data
Date of birth : February 1st 1964
Place of Birth : Minia, Egypt
Nationality : Egyptian
Marital status : Married
Personal Statement
I am an energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that I undertake. Demonstrated admirable administrative and technical experience with more than 20 years in Auto and transport industries. Garnering a cumulative experience covering all industry principal positions from a technician to a managerial level ,managed multiple high capacity workshops, dealers after sale service and fleets. Highly skilled in a variety of tasks including planning , managing ,auditing , directing ,supervising , training and setting up new successful business models.
. Qualifications
? Good interpersonal and communication skills
? Ability to work under pressure in both teamwork and own initiative
? Good understanding of how to integrate multicultural staff into one collaborative team
? Good problem solving skills
? Highly experienced in setting up and managing maintenance programs for different vehicle makes and applications
? Experience in managing and directing different groups of staff in different locations to work efficiently in synergy
? Managing customer service networks
? Ability to develop successful business plans to suit business needs and achieve board targets and objectives
? Highly qualified in communication with vehicle manufacturers and local dealers
? Ability to multitask and prioritize work
January 2009 till Nov 2017: Promoted as Fleet Maintenance Manager at KGL Kuwait (www.kgl.com)
? One of the biggest chain supply companies in the Middle East having a fleet of more than 5,000 Assets of different manufacturers, makes, models, and application
General functions.
Overseeing a business unit having more than 100 staff member in multiple workshops and different locations. Competent at managing maintenance activity for big fleets from different Make, types and applications in alignment with corporate objectives having track records on achieving tasks and accomplish targets efficiently and more profitably than others
Principal Responsibilities
? Planning and carrying out all maintenance activity for company fleet, bumper to bumper, around the clock complying with the manufacturers recommendations at highest quality level a cost effective manner
? Managed to increase overall departments efficiency by 20% after 4 months by Restructuring the department’s staff and function
? Ensure that the department is adequately staffed to achieve objectives, and that technicians are aware of procedures for using new products and equipment. .
? Determined staff and driver deficiencies contributed in setting and planning the required training decreased accident and collisions rates by 26%
? Contribute in Budgeting fleet annual cost by forecasting the maintenance expenses
? Designed and executed a pioneer cost cutting plan resulted in 10.8% reduction in maintenance expenses
? Achieved 30% reduction in overall assets down time and by redesigning the preventive , predictive maintenance and efficient inventory control
? Deal with all aspects of the company’s obligations to the Department of Transport and governmental regulations including vehicle annual tests, record keeping ,fleet inspection sand compliance to all
? Meet proactively with all maintenance department key personnel to discuss ,resolve obstacles to stream line workflow
? Contributed in setting up and customized new software for asset management in 2010 (eAM system).
? Prepared and deployed more than 1000 asset to US army in Kuwait up to 626 standards in very short time for HEAVY LIFT 7 contract. For Kuwait and Iraq operations
? Played an active role in purchasing all new assets as a member in procurement committee
Feb. 2006 Till December 2008: Maintenance Manager at Kuwait gulf link Technical Service Co .Kuwait
? One of the market leaders in Kuwait and gulf regions providing technical consultancy and services for large scale fleet owners and operators works in transportations, logistics, stevedoring, waste managements and public transport companies.
General functions
? Managing one central Workshop and 5 subsidiaries and related satellite workshops geared with a technical teams of more than 70 technicians and admin staff. Leading and managing the team in day to day operations in the workshop.
? Co-ordinate resources and liaise with internal and external key contacts to ensure work is delivered on time exceeding customer satisfactions in a profitable manner
Principal Responsibilities
? Manage and oversee maintenance team in their daily work coaching and counseling lead technician and supervisors.
? Monitoring efficient implementation of company policy and procedure.
? Accountable for overall financial results of service operations in the district.
? Accountable for Quality Control, track issues and resolution to ensure compliance with manufacturer instructions and standard.
? Managed a team that achieved 97% on time OSHA guarding compliance utilizing SMIT (Self-Management Involvement Training)
? Succeeded in increase customer basement by 35% from first 9 month
? Act as a technical adviser on key projects and other areas of the business as requested.
? Increase overall utilization from 62% to 73% in 10 month.
? Decrease no of back jobs from 3.5% to 1.8 % in 13 month
? Provide on-the-job training as well as coaching and mentoring to technicians and admin staff
? Conduct annual performance appraisal of all direct subordinates.
? Commissioning and setting up new central workshop of 25,000 Square meters fully equipped with state of art equipment.
Feb. 2000 till JAN 2006 Promoted As a Service Manager @ Gorica Egypt Group,
General functions
? Managing central service center supporting MAN products in Egypt efficiently and at highest quality level complying with manufacturer standard to meet customer satisfaction assisting the Company achieving its sales targets.
Principal Responsibilities
? Directed a team of 30 technicians & admin. Member to accomplish targeted tasks adhering to co policy and procedures
? Recognized by dealer principal for Customer Whisperer
? Achieved sales targets from first year
? Accomplished 16% Revenue increase by Developing and managing customer loyalty program to build up customer satisfaction and repeat business
? Synchronize and coordinate the flow of work among different work shop sections to maximize efficiency and quality level
? Contributed in increasing overall dealer sales and maximize its market share by
? Achieving sustained customer support by providing technical explanation and resolve disputes with manufacturers
? Outlined and customized vehicle configuration orders for extra heavy duty project customers
? Increased technician’s productivity by 27% after 9 month by creating and coaching an in-house training developed their skills
? Increased net profit by 14% year over year by maximizing repair orders sales and counts and Reduced administrative costs 18%
? Assists with Interviewing and conducts hands-on testing of technical applicants.
June1995 – JAN, 2000: workshop supervisor assistance service [email protected] Gorica Egypt Group, (http://man-kastour.com.eg)The sole agent of MAN trucks and buses in Egypt
Principal Responsibilities
? Support Service manager in leading and supporting 25 Technicians to meet dealer Standards
? Assisted in achieving workshop sales target by promoting dealership services
? Monitor and track all repair orders and invoicing processes
? Create repair orders, raising estimations convoy to customers and get approval
? Investigate and solve technical problems and technicians in diagnosis and troubleshoots of complicated problems
? Contributed in achieving 97.7% manufacturer approval in raised warranty claims
? Set and Implement successfully a motivation system that increased efficacy by 35% and reduced Back job by 65%
? Create weekly and monthly performance reports to Manager. Contributed in improving staff utilization by17%
August, 1993 –May, 1995: Workshop supervisor @ Haka Motors DAF & western star dealer in Saudi Arabia (www.hakamotors.com/)
Principal Responsibilities
? Greeted customers, scheduled service appointments, receive vehicle information. listen and record defects
? Handled customer complaints efficiently and ensured high customer satisfaction
? Coordinated efficiently between customer and technician ,interpreted service history to determine repair required
? Follow up vehicles under repairs and briefly convoy the status to customers
? Prepare accurate cost estimate for labor and parts.
? 25% Increased workshop productivity by supporting , Monitor and supervise technicians performance
? Achieved 100% of targeted revenue after 11 month
? Carry out Pre Delivery Inspection and check sold unites before delivery
? Awarded for excellent customer relations after the first year
? Strengthened customer relation and increased visit repletion by 37%
Dec, 1989-Aug, 1993 Dsl Mechanic at starco trade, Egypt
Principal Responsibilities
? Test drive vehicles to diagnose malfunctions
? Read and interpret diagnostic test results, often by using dials, gauges, and other computer equipment
? Raise trucks, buses, and heavy parts or equipment by using hydraulic jacks or hoists
? Inspect brake systems, steering mechanisms, transmissions, engines, and other parts of vehicles
? Do routine maintenance, such as changing oil, checking batteries, and lubricating equipment and parts
? Adjust and align wheels, tighten bolts and screws, and attach system components
? Repair & replace malfunctioning components, parts, and other mechanical or electrical equipment
Principal Responsibilities
? Test parts and systems to ensure that they are working properly
? Follow checklists to ensure that all critical parts are examined
? Perform basic care and maintenance, including changing oil, checking fluid levels, and rotating tires
? Repair or replace worn parts, such as brake pads , wheel bearings, engine components ,front
? Disassemble and reassemble parts
? Use testing equipment to ensure that repairs and maintenance are effective