O’ of that wily cat! O’ Escalus wherefore

O’ these dirty doges! Must they torment me so! O, Romeo, I was your mate for years gone by and years that had to cometh! Ye cowardly beast, should you have drawn your rapier, these little red soldiers would have stayed within this kingly lad. Tis the folly of the two great households, where a kings man is valiantly slain, slain by the vengeance of that wily cat! O’ Escalus wherefore art thou? Bring forth and sell me a coffin, for it is the last thing I need. What must I make of this vile submission, Romeo Montague? Why this sudden friendly feeling toward that house of cats? Thy cowardly self hath cost you a merry mate. I am by your side until Death, Romeo. Must thou side with Tybalt so? Twas under thy arm did I taste the bitter metal of Tybalt’s rage. How absurd tis it! That I must die saving the honour of my considered brotha’! I stepped up to shield your manliness, to save your manhood in more ways than one. But did I deserve this cowardice? In this, my last hour in rhyme, with these shaking hands unable to contain the ichor that flows from within, I tell ye, O Romeo, the feud which yall hath ignited, will hath ye consumed. These households will be consumed with the flames ignited by hate, jealousy, and envy. We met with Tybalt and a duel ensued. But, you were too cowardly to accept the challenge. So, on my mate’s behalf, I stepped forward. But alas, how was I to know of this untimely cowardice! Had ye not poked ye nose that I was trying to save in the duel, my blood would not have spilled.Death has to make a living; he hath chosen this lad for his untimely ruin. For this boy is barely a man. O, fates! You three sisters of luck! Why could you not have saved me! Ah! Maybe it was that Romeo, Benvolio and myself were becoming like brothers. As close as you three are, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. Is this jealousy I see? Were ye jealous of what power we hath together as one? Is this why ye cut the string? Did ye think of gentle Benvolio as the spinner, Romeo as the allotter and Late Mercutio as the cutter? Did ye think that we were as powerful? Ah! Lachesis! Did ye have to do this to a believer? A plague a ‘both your houses! Die I will but as a man, stabbed by a rapier, defending whom I considered one of my own, but alas! He took side with the other! O Benvolio! What must thou make of this? Have I done wrong that I got this graze, or must I go due to the fights o’both the families? I was a manly lad, my actions speaking so. Alas, O Romeo, you were not.  O’ woe be on me if I speak untimely, a plague a ‘both ye houses! A plague I say; a plague and more it will be! I hath been made some maggots meal! As the minutes pass by o’er the rays of the sun, this graze of mine grows deeper. Deeper with the fury that consumes me towards this petty quarrel that ensues! Heed my advice, gentle Benvolio, fight ne’er with a cat, he will make ye a dog’s meal. He cut me under the arm of a weaponless fool. Tis now the birth of the tragedy, along with my Death. Friends are to ensure that Royal men breathe not from blue, but here I stand with them Montagues. Soon, I shall be blue. Soon, I turn misted eyes from the childlike fight that will end in blood. I fade, I fade; my love for the stage is meddling with my words, tis clogging up my heart, I can laugh no more. I learned to love and to hate; I had trust in my blood as royal. Hell is a part of me, just as the heaven that the families have made is down nine days underneath. But, remember, O King of Cats, thou hast killed me, but I hath faith that Romeo will end it by Killing thee. I die in your arms, peaceful Benvolio; ye will cry for me, Romeo. Here, on my last hour of light, I see the darkness, I only can see night. O, Romeo, without your roe, your dear deer, your Rosaline, is this what she has made of you? Only a lover’s sigh? Have thou taken upon the saintly ways of your love? Here, I stumble upon Asphodel, no Elysium, not just a brush with Death! But if not for your saintly ways, Tybalt would have seen Acheron and Styx, given the monster that he is. My stage lights have burned out, I am left a woeful man, and my eyes are dropping down in shame, incredulously. But now, as I breathe my final breath, I say Romeo, Benvolio, we shall remain brothers, but not the same as the day before.