Nowadays, for all kind of people. The bottom

Nowadays, corporate social
responsibility is playing an important role in the rapidly changing global
world. It refers to ensuring the success of a business by the inclusion of
social and environmental considerations into a company’s operations. It means
contributing positively to societal development. Business have begun to take a
more targeted approach in their corporate social responsibility programs and are
seeking to impact areas that have a correlation with their own business
aspirations. For many businesses, education is a crucial part of their plans
and policy, since the needs exist in all geographic areas, across all subject
areas, and for all kind of people. The bottom line is that educational outreach
efforts have the capability to make a real and long-lasting difference for all
players involved because education as process and product enduring assets. In
India, many firms have taken the various initiatives of CSR practices which
have met with varying needs of society but still there is a gap between
awareness and achievement of education aspirations. Education is playing an
important role in the progress of individual and moreover societal growth. The
term ‘education’ has been interpreted by different people in different ways.
Some people in generally refer to it as formal schooling or to lifelong
continuing learning. Some others consign to it as acquisition of knowledge,
skills and attitudes. Some say that education is nothing, but training of
people’s mind in a particular direction to brings about desired changes either
internal or external forces. Education is the traditional sense; it means
controlling or disciplining the behaviour of an individual and society. According to Indian great son of soil Swami
Vivekananda rightly mentions that, ‘Education is the manifestation of
perfection already in man. Like fire in a piece of flint, knowledge exists in
the mind. Suggestion is the friction; which brings it out’. Dictionary of Education (edited by
C.V. Good, 1973) “The aggregate of all the processes by which a person develops
abilities, attitudes and other forms of behaviour of practical values in the
society in which s/he lives; the social process by which people are subjected
to the influence of selected and controlled environment (especially that of the
school), so that they may obtain social competence and optimum individual
development”. Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi was rightly spoken that “By
education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in child and man’s body,
mind and spirit”. As well as Rabindranath Tagore truly mentions that ‘the
highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes
our life in harmony with all existence’. In Rig-Veda “Education is something,
which makes a man self-reliant and self-less. Education is the
creation of sound mind in a sound body. It develops man’s faculty specially his
mind so that he may be able to enjoy the contemplation of supreme truth,
goodness and beauty (Aristotle). According to John Dewey “Education is not a
preparation for life, rather it is the living. Education is the process of
living through a continuous reconstruction of experiences. It is the
development of all those capacities in the individual which will enable him to
control his environment and fulfil his possibilities.