Nowadays, broader autism phenotype. However, researchers have concluded

technologies have been improved tremendously by helping the physicians or
medical professions to elucidate some of the medical issues. It gives us the
access to find the resources that we might need specifically considering autism
can be cured. This shift is called biomedicalization, which helps us to gain
control over identities and bodies and also to expand the medical technologies
in daily life. Also, it can affirm the role of both technological innovation
and scientific.  


can be illustrated through two ways. First, its designation as a genetic

is doubtful, and these arguments proceed to contrary
assertions by government and the mainstream scientific formation.  According to the article, “a high degree of
uncertainty about the biological characteristics of autism. This has led to the
growth of rebel responses to the enlarging power of new genetic technology” (Bumiller, 2008). Secondly, genetic research has
proceeded to develop without consequence in direct benefits for children and families
affected by autism. Which means that there are no major effects on distinguishing advocates for genetic research and others who
are focused on replying to the instant concerns.

Autistic children were the first
ones to verify by studies which embrace new biological. For instance, the study
was utilizing the twin method to prove the genetic explanation of autism. It
compared the identical twins (MZ) and same-sex fraternal twins. As the result,
a strong decrease in risk from MZ to DZ twins. The statistic illustrated the
population, twin studies have concluded that autism is highly inheritable and
that relatives show increased rates of having the broader autism phenotype. However,
researchers have concluded that the autism phenotype, like most inheritable
conditions, is not attributable to a single gene and that the syndrome results
from multiple genes interacting with one another.

way the research has shown that professionals effectively delivered the

message that the only rational
choice is to give birth to normal children by screening the newborns. Biomedical
knowledge not only influences decisions about the woman’s pregnancy but also
affects how her children are after birth. It also gives parents an idea about
the test whether the fetus or newborn is impaired which means the child is
normal. Imagine without technology, we cannot see what is going on in the womb.
For instance, just by using our eyes, we can not be able to see the future
symptoms that may occur in the womb. We can not be able to tell if there is any
incidents that may occur. Imagine without technology, the child might get wrap
around the umbilical cord which results dying.


a conclusion, technologies are very important in daily life. It helps us to
look deepen into our genetics which it cannot be seen from eye to eye. It also
gives us the power to control our movements and what is the next step to take.
Therefore, biomedical process needs to get involved to advance our future for
medical related. Autism is a great example to examine the scientific formation.
With technology, it is not only telling us about the symptoms while being in
the fetus, but also to clear up certain research issues.