Not Despite the fact that Adolf Hitler was

Not only was Hitler aware of the audience he had to convince, he had extraordinary public speaking abilities that gave him the strength to make the German people believe he could make them a world power. Despite the fact that Adolf Hitler was an evil and monstrous tyrant, he had a silver tongue. Adolf Hitler was able to make a majority of Germany believe that whatever he said had to be done. Anyone that opposed and challenged him were seen as a threat to his power and would face deathly consequences. He made his supporters feel so superior and patriotic, it did not matter to them what happens to the rest of the world. His speeches directed the course of the entire country and the war. In On Hitler’s Mountain, Irmgard Hunt recounts the memories she has living under his rule. One of the first dark experiences she remembers involves her having to attend her father’s funeral after fighting in the war for Hitler. Afterwards her and her family went home and looking back on it she recounts the lack of hope she had. “..we walked back home, up the mountain from which the Führer continued to dictate and manipulate the spirit, emotions, and fate of millions upon millions of people, including me.” (Hunt, On Hitler’s Mountain, page 115). When Hunt uses the specific word ‘manipulate’, she emphasizes the citizens of Germany were blindly controlled by Adolf Hitler without them even realizing it. He is the puppet master using his eloquence to brainwash the minds of each and every one of his countrymen. Hunt also adds that back then he even had her fooled, revealing that she knows now what he was doing compared to when she was a child. The citizens were not the only ones who recognized Adolf Hitler’s impeccable speaking abilities. German Nazi politician Joseph Goebbels believed that Hitler was remarkable on how he approached an audience. Goebbels views Hitler as a unique master of rhetoric, able to speak the truth to the masses in a way that inspires them to greatness. Goebbels’ discussion of Hitler’s speaking ability, taken from an illustrated book on Hitler published in 1936, explains how Hitler’s words can “…gather people to his flag who are ready to fight with him; driven by it, men risk their health and their lives to bring a new world to victory.The important thing is not whether an idea is right; the decisive thing is whether one can present it effectively to the masses so that they become its adherents.” (Goebbels, The Führer as a Speaker). Goebbels was able to recognize the powerful influence in his speaking regardless on his opinion on Adolf Hitler as a person. He felt that Hitler’s words created armies, drove fights and gave people the courage to fight for him to the death. Since Goebbels was a fan of Adolf Hitler, he found this ability as a God-given gift and not something that causes destruction. Either way, Goebbels believed Hitler had a power with words strong enough to take over the German government. Goebbels believed that Hitler’s words resembled the core of Germany’s ideology and the fundamentals of the citizens who lived there. Historical figures in the past are not the only people who studied Adolf Hitler’s successful oratory; decades after the defeat of Adolf Hitler, Professor Bruce Loebs, who has taught a class called the Rhetoric of Hitler and Churchill for the past 46 years at Idaho State University, has studied the Führer’s oratory success and has given the credit to his charisma. “He learned how to become a charismatic speaker, and people became enamored with him,” Loebs discussed Business Inside. Loebs believed that Hitler used his charm and captivating personality to his advantage by letting those who listen to him become totally fascinated by him; whatever he said, they treated as if the words came straight out of God’s mouth and into their ears. Hitler might have been narcissistic and ruthless, but he was not stupid. His speeches were made with careful thought and he never repeated a phrase twice; he knew he had to make them with originality and confidence. His speeches were never written by anyone else, but him; he treated his public speaking with significance to the point where he trusted nobody else with them. Even the choreography of his speeches were carefully thought-out from the beginning to the end. Adolf Hitler’s public speaking played a major role in his rise to power in Germany, as well as his rise of status in the rest of the world.