No Escape

The proceeding poem is called “No Escape”. It was inspired by a news story I saw at the end of the summer holidays. It was about children of around my age committing suicide because of people bullying them and they were too frightened to tell a teacher or parent. I can sympathise with people who were bullied, because I was myself for a brief period in the first year of High School. I never even contemplated suicide for I told my parents straight away, and the head teacher sorted it instantaneously. I would like to dedicate this poem to all the families and children who were bullied and were affected by it. The poem will start on the next page, as to not spoil the mood of the presentation of the writing.

No way out,

Trapped inside

I’m slipping I’m falling

My life ebbing away

No Way out

No escape,

Stone cold capsule

I’m done I’m finished

My soul about to be ripped away

No escape

Out of time,

I must go now

I must pull the trigger

My only option

Must be utilised

No way out,

I’m sorry

Can’t go on

Can’t face anymore torture

Don’t know what to do

No escape

Out of time,

Crimson pool

Brain matter on walls

He thought of decorating

Never thought of Grey

Or Haemoglobin Red

Too late now,

No going back

Life extinguished.

The one responsible,

The only suspect,

The one who bullied him.

In this next part of my assignment, I will analyse the poem to show how and why I chose certain words and phrases to make my poem what it is and always will be.

The title and first few stanzas give the impression of solitary confinement or someone in prison, and the title is in red fading to grey that symbolises the blood and brains. Line 9 gives the impression of someone about to die, line 4 gives a similar impression.

In stanza 3, it becomes apparent that it is not a poem of imprisonment, but a poem of being trapped in a triangle of bullying, trepidation and need for release. The person believes that the only way out is to take his own life. I repeat the title and synonyms throughout the poem, i.e. No escape, No way out, to give the impression of it going on and on in a never ending spiral, if you please.

Stanzas 3 and 4 are written in a similar fashion to a suicide note to the person’s parents. He is telling them that he cannot go on with it, and doesn’t want to ‘grass’ on his intimidator for he believes that he will be beaten even more.

Stanza 5 is the climax. Line 23, symbolises the blood on the carpet and line 25 gives the impression of decorating the bedroom with his blood and brains.

Stanza 6 is the end of the poem and is a warning to what may happen to people if they are pushed too far by bullying. It also kind of tells you that something could have been done to prevent this from ever happening.

In short, my poem tries to bring out the themes of bullying and the things people may do if they are too afraid to tell any one.