New You know what else is important? Some

New year? New goals! Just when you thought you were one step
closer towards reaching your target weight, you gobble down a big, fat bar of
chocolate. Is that anxiety knocking on your door? It is important that you go
out for a run and inhale that fresh morning air. You know what else is
important? Some me time with your phone and an app that can calm those stress
hormones down.

“Let me help you. Talk to me. Get it off your chest and
you’ll feel better,” she texted her best friend.

No reply.

“Hello? Don’t just vanish away in your own bubble. It will
only make you overthink situations,” she texted again.

No reply.

What people don’t get quite often is, that sometimes
invasion of personal space can make matters worse. That is why people like her
best friend choose to isolate themselves from ‘people’. Their affinity to love
those people does not change, but  just
in that moment, they need some space to breath on their own – maybe to listen
to a sad song or two on YouTube, to fill their notes with raw thoughts sitting
on their heads, or to read quotes by, say, Rumi. The common denominator here is
your phone. For all these activities that you may be doing under your blanket,
you will have your phone in your hands. While you’re at it, you might as well
tap into another world of relaxation; a world some brilliant mindfulness apps
can introduce you to.

Here’s a list of some of the best relaxation apps for 2018
that you should download right away!

1.     Simply Being


If you’re a beginner, this one’s for you!
True to the art of meditation, Meditation Oasis has designed an app that
promotes deep relaxation and stress relief. It makes it to the top of our list
because unlike most other relaxation apps, it is not overly clouded with
meaningless content. Firstly, Simply Being  allows you to choose the duration of your meditation
session. One appreciable feature it has is the liberty of being able to manage
the volume ratio of music to the voice over that guides the user throughout the


2.     Calm


anxiety, sleep better and feel happier. This is what the producers define
‘Calm’ to aim to do. It offers three main sections, i.e. breathe, meditate or
sleep. You can choose from guided and unguided meditation programs. Also, you
may select what catches your fancy from a wide variety of nature scenes and
sounds. The instructor, Tamara
Levitt, has a very soothing and modulated edge to her voice. The app can
also help an insomniac go to sleep with its amazing collection of sleep
stories. So far, Calm has over 50,000 5 Star Reviews in the Google Play and iOS
App Stores! If you’re skeptical about being a Calm user, let me tell you that
subscription charges are as low as $4.99 per month. A small price to pay for a
few minutes of de-stressing, don’t you think?


3.     7 cups


Feeling lonely and empty? Missing a loved
one who passed away? 7 cups (also known as
7 cups of tea) might just be what you are looking for! It is an avenue for
online therapy that helps you connect with a listener who will then have a one-on-one
session with you. One drawback of this app is that you cannot track your long
term progress, because each session you take will be headed by a different
listener. However, since all listeners are completely anonymous, there is
nothing holding you back from speaking your mind as honestly as you wish to.


4.     Buddhify


Buddhify claims to provide
an incredibly unique relaxation experience that many users swear by. ‘Love this
app! When I walk to work every morning, I plug my headphones in and listen to a
meditation. Having been a life long anxiety sufferer, this app has been a
godsend,’ reviews Alyssa on Amazon.

When you open the app, a wheel pops up. It
asks you what you are doing; feeling stressed, work break, travelling, etc., so
that you can have a fitting and tailored relaxing experience. This is a
one-of-a-kind feature that you should definitely lay your hands on. For a
sample, you can head over to soundcloud and help you decide if the app is worth
your time and money.


5.     Smiling Mind


What differentiates this relaxation app
from all others is that it not only caters to adults, but also children. The
voice overs have been fine-tuned for children-oriented programs keeping in mind
the psyche of different age groups. Another interesting option that Smiling Mind comes with is that you
can create sub accounts for different members of the household. The schedule
and programs for each account will then be customized on the main dashboard. What’s
amazing is that this app is available for FREE! Yes, folks, you heard that


6.     Pause


The founder of this app, Peng Chang, had
been battling anxiety for quite some time. This motivated him to design the app
that he did. Pause promises ‘relaxation
on the go’. All you need to do to relieve tension is follow a blob floating on
your screen. Along the way,  you will get
feedback on how you are doing. For instance, it will tell you to ‘Go at a slow
pace’ or  ‘Go anywhere’. Your sessions
can be as short as two minutes, and as long as you want. This app taps into
your cognition to help you achieve a calm state of mind. Having a case of the
Mondays today? Just ‘pause’ it!


7.     Happify


Solely dedicated to making your life
happier, with happify you can feel better about yourself. There are different activities
you can indulge in doing, such as playing games or simply reading. One activity
that I found to be particularly fascinating is under the ‘community’ tab where
you can just see what other people are happy about. On the contrary, it can be
depressing for some to see life being fair to others, while they lie miserably alone.
However, 86% of
happify users actually found themselves
happier after two months of use. So, to each his own.


One may argue that spending hours on your smartphone is not
the best way to do away with everyday frenzy. There is no denying the importance
of yoga and healthy sleeping ptterns to calm those stress hormones down. At the
same time, some downtime with our phones has become a necessity and, if that
time is spent on some relaxation apps (in moderation of course), it will only
perk you up. Apart from relaxation apps, research also says that a good way to
unwind after a long day is to get hooked to a game that calls
for focus. You can easily find such games on Air G spam.

So, which app will you be downloading next?