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New Relic is known for developing a popular application monitoring service. With it, you can track a number of parameters, from the actual consumed by each application of the server hardware resources to assess the degree of satisfaction of visitors, depending on the time of loading the page. Today, New Relic is betting on real-time intellectual analysis.With the help of a unique tool in New Relic, every 8 to 9 million new data points are processed every minute. These are billions of new values ??for performing situational analysis every day.For several months, New Relic’s CEO Lewis Karl Cirne worked on a secret project away from prying eyes and family. So, in conditions of voluntary seclusion, Rubicon was created – the engine of a powerful analytical platform that performs situational analysis in real time.Development, in essence, is a database with a special architecture that allows you to process billions of new pieces of data every day. This capacity makes it possible to perform better analysis on a number of criteria. For example, for a detailed understanding of how people use mobile applications.The project “Rubicon” was named after the peaks of the same name in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, located in the state of California. It was there that the idea arose to make an analytical tool similar to Platfora, but with its own specificity and focus on real-time systems.As a basis for future software solutions, the “Rubicon” developed from scratch. Originally it was based on data collected from 70,000 mobile customers, but it quickly grew and now operates with data from one hundred million smartphones.Lewis is confident that over the next year the number of customers will double. He believes that the “Rubicon” will help New Relic to go beyond its core area (application lifecycle management) and to reorient itself to modern Big Data technologies.Perhaps, in this way the company will manage not only to occupy its niche in this dynamically developing ecosystem, but also to become the founder of a new analytical direction.