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NeostoreDesc:With this quick advancement in technology, we could claim that the continuing future of the planet is led by technology. Everything is adjusting with it.Keywords:New technologyTechnology changing livesFuture innovationTechnology and our future Individuals are profoundly linked with their cell phone these days and sense imperfect without it. Mobile phones have become must-have necessities of people. People feel incomplete in absence of a cell phone with them because it keeps you linked to the world more than anything or anyone else.Some business tycoons think that cell phone is likely to be stuck within our human body in future. They may be proper since we currently observed engineering integrated with clothing and shoes. Furthermore, the development in computer software can be operating our culture in that direction. Therefore it is rational to allow them to believe on that way.In accordance with an expert, the innovation of steam engine became the focal point of changing of muscle power to the machines. Say them the initial machine age, and now we are in the second. In the first machine age, machines replaced muscle power. Now in the second, computers and digital machines are replacing mental power. Today PCs and electronic devices are likely to be performing points for emotional power.Several hopeful techno professionals think that human body implanted with wireless electronic gadgets is likely to be obtainable in the engineering industry in near future. It’s not too much, only a subject of half a decade from now.From the safety viewpoint, the engineering may benefit the whole earth and each nation. Each and every individual is likely to be monitored electronically and an individual crossing line without the unit within the body is likely to be considered as an illegal immigrant. It may also gain government detective agency. This is beneficial in the creating of calm world.Such engineering may help the government to monitor each and every people residing in their territory. This may restrain the offense and number thieves may avoid the following crime. They’re generally on the radar of the federal government because they (criminals) are implanted with a product within their human body signaling their spot to the state.Besides, industrial tycoons also think that engineering could make individual living simpler and safer. Depending on engineering, they estimate that earth can experience driverless vehicles within a decade.In that respect also, they appear logical. Several vehicle organizations work on that idea. Furthermore, organizations like Tesla and Audi have built driverless vehicle at present. Bing lately said that such vehicle is likely to be commercially accessible by the start of the 2020s.Time to spit out the truth; no techno professionals and companies can actually predict our future. We are still to see many shocking and exciting news of new technologies that can change human’s future within some years.With this quick advancement in technology, we could claim that the continuing future of the planet is led by technology. Everything is adjusting to it.