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“Need of the Hour : AI”Why Should Bosch invest heavily on AI and possess top-grade AI competence ? Why now ? “Bosch is in the midst of its most fundamental transformation process ever. Industries, markets, technologies Bosch is actively shaping change.” says CEO of Bosch Volkmar Denner.AI is believed to be the Major Business and Technical disruption in today’s trends, and Bosch should  Invest in it now, to have competitive advantage. AI is based on the foundation of Digitalisation which is also the prime objective of Bosch. The more the time and money invested higher are the benefits.Big tech giants like Apple, google, Baidu are Investing millions of Dollars in AI and have found numerous application of AIWhat does this mean for a Engineering Giant Like Bosch ?AI can find its application in every Sector of Bosch from mobility solutions, packaging technology to autonomous driving, AI application to Bosch are Countless.AI is believed to improve profit margins at high stakes to early adoptersAs Dr. Stefan Asenkerschbaumer, the CFO and deputy chairman of the board of management,explained: “The result we achieve today will finance tomorrow’s success.”AI has the ability to forecast, Develope target marketing and pricing and enhance user experience. Engineering is believed to be ranked most influential sector to implement and exploit AI. The company sees huge growth potential in the business with intelligent digital assistants. “The IoT is getting personal. With the help of artificial intelligence, we are personalizing connectivity,” the Bosch CEO.AI creates values to project and anticipate demand, optimise, production in lowering costs and higher quality and pricing. Within just five years, products featuring artificial intelligence are expected to account for 10 percent of Bosch sales.The market research organization Tractica forecasts that the number of people using digital assistants will grow by more than 350 percent by 2021.The Definite potential of AI is not yet deduced wholly, Investing now gives Bosch the chance to be a Global leader in AI application to future Engineering technologies. The global market for AI services and hardware is expected to grow substantially in future.