Ned Kelly

I’m Ned Kelly, I’m an Irishman and selectors son, outlawed by the corrupt government. Had war declared on me, by Victoria, by N.S.W, by the crown and even the London times. I did it hard a young man, nor ma or I could afford anything, we did it hard. Its not easy for an Irishman in queens Victoria, I made fights with my fists for money, but I made it happen, we made it happen.

After everything my ma has ever done for me and the community, she gets sent to the pentridge jail on charges of aiding and abetting in an attempt to kill that coward of a policeman Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick came to my house at the middle saying he had an arrest warrant for my little brother Dan here, but none the less, the coward couldn’t produce it. Fitzpatrick made a drunken pass at my little sister Kate, with this my little brother Dan knocked him, in the ensuing scuffle, Fitzpatrick’s gun went off. The next day he rode into town the next day wounded and blamed it on me! That scoundrel Fitzpatrick, where does he get off, trying to get with my little sister Kate, and then having audacity to make false accusations.

Just after my fist occurrence my constable O’Hare, I was classed as a thief, an outlaw in society. The biggest thief’s and liars where the Victorian police, but I was not going to let them get a hold of me. They put my ma in cells, and for what? A little cut on Fitzpatrick’s hand.

My ma was locked away, and my loyal friends were sent to rot away in jail as well, all because of the lies of that awful policeman Fitzpatrick. My ma and my friends were all innocent, how do you expect me to behave, other than to stand up for this unlawful treatment.

The other day when we had set up camp just off the banks of stringbark creek, we came across some troopers, which after several hours watching their moves, we made our attack. I called on the two troopers to ‘bail up’ but with this, one of the troopers raised his head to fire upon me, when all I wanted to do was to disarm the men. Luckily the trooper’s shot missed my head, but with this I had no choice but to kill the poor soul.

The papers had me down as a monster, they said I’d lost what it meant to be human, maybe I never had it in the first place, but wasn’t this about protecting the ones I loved? The ones who gave me food, and shelter, even the clothes on me back? And therefore wasn’t it now a war?

So I killed their policeman, and robbed their banks, so they sent in super-intendant Hare. You can’t catch me, so you take so you take the one I love, you take my family and friends. Hundreds of men sent to rot in cells while there crops perish in the fields, and guess what, not one of them caved in for the money, they loved me and were loyal friends, never where I to see them rot in cells.

I’m no big shot, I’m just a shit kickers son trying to help out his family and friends, I never deserved to be put through this. All I ever wonted was to give those suffering justice and liberty. I don’t seek revenge for my actions. My family and friends should not have to put up with the brutal and cowardly conduct of my actions.

I may have put lives in jeopardy, and even taken some lives, but I haven’t done anything of that unconditionally or to anyone who hasn’t deserved it.

I didn’t mean to get the circus group shot or wounded, but I did whatever I could. Whatever I could to save them, even if it cost me my own life.