“Naturopath is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on natural remedies to stimulate and support the body own healing ability. ” This is the definition that is given in a website called Halloween. Org. It depicts what naturopath is and what kind of healing process it enacts. Naturopath is a holistic medicine that combines nature with modern science. It is basically embracing a wide array of noninvasive techniques and therapy including traditional healing methods, principals and practices. Our report is about the natural treatments for diabetes.

My part of the port is about the natural way to help treat diabetes within the next page and a half I will open your eyes to a whole new healing process and all the different natural ways to help. One of the treatments they say would help is being spiritually, mentally, and emotionally happy. Fixing your relationships and to lessen the negativity in your life. Bringing a focus on being happy and productive. Fasting and dieting therapy is also very helpful. With the fasting therapy some believe a diabetic should not try but if done it has to be supervised by an expert nature care physician.

The patient has to be ready physically and mentally before undergoing fasting. Preparation takes about 1-2 weeks, while fasting only water and a limited supply of coconut water is allowed to be consumed. With diet therapy the following is what you are allowed to eat. Fruits(avoiding bananas, custard apples, black grapes, dates, pineapple and mangoes), vegetables (limited quantities of potatoes, beet root, sweet potatoes, yams, tapioca, broad beans, double beans, and cluster beans), sprouts, whole grains, legumes should be eaten following fasting therapy.

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Include raw foods because they are rich in essential enzymes this increases diabolism and is also a good source of vitamins and minerals which are essential for diabetics. The uses of fenugreek seed is also beneficial for diabetics, also include green leafy vegetables, soy gourd nut, tomatoes, and sprouted Bengal gram to your diet. The Juices of Cajun, bitter gourd, cucumber and bottle gourd are also helpful. Another therapy is hydrotherapy.

This involves having a warm water enema done which cleanses the accumulated toxins from the colon and detoxifies the system. Other treatments for this therapy include hip bath, immersion bath, foot and arm tat, steam bath, Castro hepatic pack, hot and cold compresses over abdomen, abdomen pack, etc. These treatment are said to enhance the capability of the muscles to utilize the blood sugar and increase blood flow to the muscles providing better sleep.

The next therapy is mud therapy this is said to help correct the imbalance of the digestive and endocrines organs, which are accumulating in toxins because they are under-active in diabetic patients. They say the best way to eliminate toxins is to have a full mud bath, if you’re not into that they also say direct mud or mud pack on the abdomen is also found beneficial. They say it increases the circulation and relieves inner congestion and eliminates morbid matter.

Now there is massage therapy which is otherwise called passive exercise and is said to be highly beneficial for improving the activities of circulatory, musculature, stress, pancreatic massage is also proven to be beneficial in this condition. Another therapy is yoga therapy along with a well-balanced diet and nature cure treatment, yoga should be done for good control of your blood sugar level. A specific type is saunas this improves the functions of the liver, digestive system and the pancreas and is said to be beneficial in treating diabetes.

Other forms of yoga are unremunerated, bipartite Kari madras, halls, vagrants, usury masker, Katie charlatans, diva washstands, pad hasten, transitional, punctuations, charlatans, carvings, businessman, euthanasia, vagrants, radar mandarin’s, astrakhan, postmenopausal, mandamus, nurseryman, manhattans, Savannah, and Cushman yams theses yoga positions are in the case of obesity patients which are said to be beneficial. Karakas is another therapy that has the following positions which are also supposed to be highly beneficial, net’, avian or vaster audit, cohabitant, nail and Sinatra.

Paraguayan is also a therapy with positions and exercises that give much benefit, manual-Volvo, jays, birthmark, backstairs and serenaded. Tension is always associated with diabetic patients as they say so practicing relaxation techniques and meditation helps a lot. The easy therapy is the walking and exercising therapy which had a study done by the New Castle University that shown that a 45 minute walk a day can help to control your blood sugar and helps the cells to accept the insulin more effectively.

Exercising regularly is also important for a healthy lifestyle, and it greatly increases the expenditure of blood glucose as it is used while activity. Another therapy is the sun bath therapy this is a metabolic activity in which you bath in the sun for 20-40 minutes in the morning daily. It should be done abdomen just below the rib cage the north pole in front and the South Pole opposite in the back 1 5 minutes at night. You are also supposed to magnetized water four times daily.

The final therapy is the chromo therapy which treats diabetes with yellow and green colors. The yellow color stimulates the pancreas and the green color stimulates the thyroid gland this helps to eliminate toxins. When your body is stressed it increases the production of adrenalin and this raises your blood sugar level. By using the naturopath treatments and yoga it will help reduce stress and restore regular, healthy sleeping patterns which will keep your blood sugar level in control.

There are some more ways in controlling your diabetes the natural way for instance, Almonds consuming them can improve the sensitivity to insulin and improve your cholesterol. North American ginseng helps control blood sugar and glycoside hemoglobin levels. Chromium which is a mineral that facilitates the metabolism and helps the cells to respond to the insulin. Magnesium helps regulate blood sugar and helps with the normal function of the muscles, nerves, heart etc. Cinnamon reduces fasting blood glucose, OLD cholesterol, and triglycerides.