Nature vs. Nurture Opinion

Nature vs. Nurture The never-ending debate of nature vs. nurture is an interesting topic to discuss. Some people believe that everyone’s personality is pre-determined by genetics while others think it all has to do with your surroundings as you grow older with experiences. My belief is somewhere in between: People can be born with a higher chance of being depressed or generally a happy person, but it won’t happen unless someone experiences something that triggers this trait.

It’s not only a person’s personality being discussed in a nature vs. nurture debate though, it also involves traits like being overweight, being academically gifted, or having some sort of mental illness. When it comes to a person’s personality, I think it completely depends on person’s experiences. When a child is born, they may smile and laugh at every little thing. But as that child grows and eventually reaches adulthood, it depends on that person’s experiences and surroundings as they got older.

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More than likely if they had plenty of loving people around them and didn’t experience much trauma, then that person will tend to be a little happier. In an opposite situation, someone might be somewhat hostile and not too friendly. On the other hand, being overweight I think is mainly a genetic trait. Those who put the effort into it can control it but people who don’t care as much will most likely be the most overweight. In a mental illness or academically gifted situation, I would say it has to do with both genetics and your environment.

Some people are more likely than others to have good grades but it wont happen unless that person wants it, and something has to trigger that desire to succeed. Mental illnesses can also be more likely to happen to some people than to others but I believe that unless something traumatic happens to cause an uproar, then the potential for a mental illness with forever just be the potential and no action. I haven’t necessarily picked a side in the nature vs. nurture debate, but I do believe that nurture has the most power to control a situation.