Narrative report

We would like them to be entertained even Just for our 2 day activities enclosed in this said project. We want to implement his project to give them a little treat. We hope to see smiles from their faces. And we would like them to have a simple physical activity that would develop camaraderie among the people of Tumor which we find healthy for the community. Facts and details about orgy. Tumor from Depend District of Lineages 1 office: No. Of Households Male Female Total Total no.

Of School Age Youth Out of School Percentage of SOY In-School 260 706 1 ,550 517 178 34. 43% There are 178 out of school youth in the orgy. Tumor. There will be 34. 43% of out of school youth that can be benefited for our said project. But we didn’t Just focused on the out of school youth we wanted all the townspeople of Tumor to be included so we proposed this project to benefit them all. We are hoping that we enlighten their tired faces for a while even Just for our 2 day activity.

We opt to be a happy remembrance for them. And we pray for the approval and success of our project. General: To be able to reach out, not only to the out of school youth but to the needy townspeople of the community of Tumor by motivating them through recreational activities and giving them reward prizes. Specific: To be able to encourage all the out of school youth of the community of Tumor to participate the basketball tournament intended for them by giving them cash reward and a trophy.

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To provide people who participate in the bingo bonanza a sack of rice as a grand prize and consolation prizes of packed groceries. To provide story books, coloring books, crayons and toys as the reward for children in the Story Telling Activity. To entice the children to watch the Film showing activity. To provide them prizes for the Parlor Games. To provide them comfort in all aspects such as snacks, and drinks during the activities. To be able to accomplish our two days project in the 3rd week of September.