Name: musical band, or orchestra good preparation for

Name: Malashree Hanumnathappa Makari

Management in Marketing

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How might understanding the steps in the
communication process help managers and professionals do a better job?


Ans: Communication helps managers and professionals
in many such ways such as to motivate them, information sharing, encourage team
work. For all of these good communications are very much essential. Correlation
and effective communication and engagement from employees results in higher


The Step of effective communication is raising awareness in
organizations. Effective communication in workplace provides with a clear
understanding of what is demanded from them, with the knowledge of what to do
and what to expect.


 To what extent are you concerned that your talents will go
unnoticed if you are a strong team player?


Ans: A person becomes a strong team player when
his/her individual talents and skills are recognized, but he will be only
rewarded for the achievement of the team and not the individual achievement. A
team player needs to be flexible and trustworthy while working with the team
and this quality to adapt quickly and easily is an individual talent.
Individual’s communication skills help the team player to effectively
communicate with confidence and respect the opinions and views of other team
members. In addition, the co-operative nature of an individual enables a strong
team player to co-operate in the team despite the differences in style, culture,
and perspective. Therefore, if you are a strong team player, a person’s
individual talent is not unnoticed in terms of identification.


Give an example of a tough question that a
manager might ask a team.


Ans: If the members of the team failed to complete
the assigned task in the given time period, below are the commonly asked
question by the manager to the team:


What is the
reason that the task could not be completed in the given time?

Was there any
fault from the management side?

Was the time
given was insufficient?

Is there less
resource to complete the task?

Can the task
be completed by EOD if extra resource is provided?

How much time
is still required to complete the project?


In what way is participating on
a sports team, musical band, or orchestra good preparation for being a member
of a work group on the job.


Ans: Participating on a sports team, musical band
or orchestra are good to create an engaging and positive learning environment.
Physically and emotionally safe place to engage in challenging, integrated and
experimental learning that prepare them to become resourceful and responsible
members in an ever changing diverse work ethics.


A good leadership quality can be judged by
these activities. How to handle the work load how to allot works accordingly,
timings perfection. Etc. are the advantages.


Some managers send text messages instead of
telephoning or sending e-mails to employees and potential job candidates
because they think this is how younger workers prefer to communicate. 
What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of using text messages to
communicate in the workplace?



Ans: Text messages have their advantages and
disadvantages at times. One of the advantages of text messaging is that you can
customize quick notes automatically to send to someone without having to type
question or sentence each time. Managers of some small business save costs by
eliminating most of the landline telephone sand require that employees use
their personal call phones to make most business calls. At this point employees
may hesitate to do calls at their costs and relate onto a less work effort by
an employee.


Disadvantage occurs when the text messages are
not delivered on time due to network problems or so. Also you can’t share
important things via text messages. Modern day equipment for texting like
“WhatsApp” requires a proper working internet and smart-phone too. So
there is a chance of hacking if important thing or matter has been shared.


is experience working on a cross-functional team particularly valuable for
a person who aspires to a career in management?




How would employees sending messages to each
other on Twitter and Facebook during work hours improve organizational