Name: and pursued my Bachelor’s education simultaneously. During

Name: Rahul

Date of
Birth: April 3rd, 1993

Course: PhD
(Biological Sciences)

of Purpose


Improving life has always been a driving
force ever since my conception of consciousness of this world around. Many
esteemed Scientists have spent their whole life in this invaluable and highly
respectable work. Thus, it has always been a dream to contribute my bit to this deed. But, it
becomes a daunting task when someone belongs to a small village; where making
ends meet hold priority over education and research. Despite that, an
unquenchable thirst coupled with unwavering determination leads me to travel
for nearly 4 hours/day to reach my educational destination. Having come this
far, being a first generation learner, facing challenges and conquering each,
and thus paving a way ahead to my research future, finding me doing PhD would
be the next step in fulfilling that dream.

                    The experience of studying
and interacting with the professors, in a regular university, at my UG level
was lacking, as I was helping in shaping the future of nearly 100 economically
backward children each year. For almost 3 years, I was actively involved in the
teaching-learning process in North Delhi Municipal Corporation and pursued my
Bachelor’s education simultaneously. During that teaching-learning process, I
had realised my insatiable desire for learning, studying, and performing
experiments because I could see the enthusiasm and ecstasy in my pupils that
impelled me to take a new course in my life and see my dream of becoming a
research scholar metamorphosed into a beautiful reality. Therefore, after
helping those children, it was my turn to get guidance from a good faculty and
achieve that satisfaction.

                     I felt a kind of exhilaration and inflated
with optimism when I got through and made it in the merit of 14 students who
were selected for Master’s in Biotechnology, AIIMS, out of approximate 10,000
candidates, through all India entrance examination. Pursuing Biotechnology has
been a great journey. This institution has provided me one of the best
experiences in research.  My exposure
here, to new evolving technologies, broadened my educational horizon. Whether it’s
the procedure of using electron microscopy to see the cellular world or mass
spectrometry to analyse the different components of a chemical. But without a
strong desire to learn, I would not have been able to imbibe what was imparted
in the educational front.

                    Learning process becomes more
enjoyable when you study as well as apply that knowledge in experiments. Thus, Practical
as well as theoretical knowledge is one of the many qualities which an AIIMS
student possesses by having a strong curriculum. This course entailed
theoretical aspect encompassing almost all the major areas of Biology where
first- hand practical skill enrichment goes hand in hand followed by a yearlong
thesis work.

                    I have been doing a project
since June 2017, as a part of my Master’s degree, entitled “To characterise GHRHR mutations causing Isolated Growth
Hormone Deficiency” (Under the supervision of Dr. Arundhati Sharma, Dr. Jaya.
S. Tyagi, and Dr. Renu Dhingra). In this project, I have to compare the
expression level of wild-type v/s mutant GHRHR cDNA. Mutant cDNA was created by
using site-directed mutagenesis, to re-create the novel mutation that had been
found in our lab (Laboratory of Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology, Department
of Anatomy). In order to express the WT and mutant GHRHR cDNA, it was cut from
a prokaryotic vector using Restriction Enzymes and then followed by ligation
process in a mammalian expression vector, for its expression in a eukaryotic
cell line. WT and mutant GHRHR cDNA was used for transfection, followed by cell
harvesting. RNA and protein were isolated for qRT-PCR and western blot respectively.

                    A graduate program which
offers prodigious research facility in this rapidly changing world by taking an
integrative approach of learning, highly motivating faculty whom I will always
look up to for motivation, and a positive learning environment for perpetual
encouragement, are a few of the many reasons which have motivated me to apply at
the Florida State University. I am sure given the opportunity of
an educationally rich environment of the Florida State University, prodigious and
innovative faculties coupled with infrastructural facilities would certainly
help me realize a new dimension of this research world and thus, adding to my
skills and experiences.

                 PhD in Biological Sciences has
attracted my attention when I was looking for a graduate course at the Florida
State University. Endowed with an amazing faculty where everyone is making a
remarkable contribution in their respective fields.    

is why I am quite sure
that the Florida State University is going to be a wonderful step towards
achieving my future goals and will help me in ticking all the boxes of my
intellectual and creative skills. Being
in the company of inspiring, innovative minds I would avail the opportunity to
the best of my capabilities and would make all possible efforts to make the
university proud by contributing my bit in the research front.

                     Thanks for taking time and reading my
statement of purpose.