My that management is not merely a degree;

My name is PRATIK NAYAN , aged 29 years and I intend to apply for Masters in Global Mangement course from Royal roads university.

In recent years, the business world has become rapidly integrated across borders and anyone with the sights set firmly on the global platform should have an international perspective and be aware of the realities of different international markets. 
I believe that management  is not merely a degree; it’s a life time experience which brings a paradigm shift into our lives. Management teaches an individual the qualities of situational leadership, offers the right tools for strategic decision making and imparts fresh ideas and novel initiatives. It changes us from being a normal decision maker in an organization into an organized and well-equipped leader who leads by example. A Buisness program in Global management will provide me a fresh perspective on identifying and framing problems, analyzing business issues, and developing implementable solutions on a global level. It will help me build a strong network that will not only serve and help me along my career path but, overtime, will allow me to assist others along their path. Through knowledge of general management and other core subjects I will be able to bridge the gap between my current skills and those required at a higher level.

Hailing from a technical background , my interest in management started brewing during my undergraduate course . During my study I took an elective subject ERP . It was then I understood how a structured approach to ERP can help a company standardize and automate its business process and improve the efficiency of operations.

Later at SOCIETE GENERALE ( my first employer) , I was handled the responsibility of managing my team for a certain sprints( a time bound for generating deliverables) owing to my team lead urgent leaves. It was then I learnt the skill of taking initiatives and carrying the whole team together. Also In my organization I experienced rich cultural diversity as my colleagues and clients were from different continents. The tenure broadened my perspective through exposure to a variety of cultures and languages and fortified competencies as a software engineer. I also became acquainted with the entire life cycle of technology product development and had the opportunity to interface with the client across the globe and assess their needs.
My career has thus evolved from that of an engineer to a professional capable of understanding both technological and business development and helping teams to deliver outstanding project results.

The specialization courses on ‘International business strategy’,’International Buisness Operations and Supply chain management’ will help me acquire knowledge and skills in developing and executing global strategy and along with the other core subjects will help me develop an ability to think constructively through systematic identification, evaluation, and creation of attractive business and corporate opportunities .

By working in a professional environment, I have developed the programming and analytical skills to deal with any given task. I therefore bring to the team projects the innovative quotient and the problem-solving approach required for any project to succeed. As per my experience, it is imperative to discuss all the decisions with the team. I would also be instrumental in guiding the team about weighing the pros and cons of each solution and zeroing in on the most effective one. I can make my classmates understand the importance time boxing owing to my experience in agile methodology  and guide them through situations at a macro and micro level. This strategy would save the time spent on any task and increase the efficiency. With my understanding of Software Development Lifecycle, I can help them to break the situation into phases and deal with them sequentially. By citing various situations during my stint at SOCIETE GENRALE and TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES, I can share with them the importance of being a good team player and a positive attitude. Due to my programming exposure, I can instil inquisitiveness in them about any problem and add a new dimension to the class discussions. I feel sharing such valuable experiences with my classmates will bring out the best in all of us.