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My mother is a businesswoman and has opened several shops and restaurants here in Brunei, including a few optical shops. Ever since i was younger she would bring me over to one of  her optical shops and I would just sit there and wait for her. There are times when I would go into the examination room and observe the optometrist conduct a full eye examination on one of her patients. It really fascinated me how well she socialised with them and this actually piqued my interest to pursuing this career due to my love for working with others. Optometry is currently a steady field in our country, always in demand. Hence finding a job wouldn’t be too hard and a steady future is secured.For my gce a-levels i took the subjects Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. Throughout the years of studying, biology have taught me the basic principles about the human eye. In class, we learnt about the structure of the eye and never have i ever knew how complex the organ was and what really intrigued me was that each component in it had different functions that would make up the whole definition and meaning of our very eyes that we are blessed with. I want to apply to this course to acquire more knowledge that wasn’t given to us back in our school and hence be able to help others overcome any complications with their ability to see.I believe that I have the necessary skills that are needed to meet the high standards of this course. I am a more practical person, therefore proceeding with optometry allows me to work my way easily with patients and to undergo eye examinations. I am also into volunteering at events and helping others thus being an optometrist is very suitable for my caring personality as this profession mainly helps and comply to others needs. My friends have also stated before that I am quite a good listener which is very much required when being an optometrist as to hearing the concern of the patients. Back in Secondary school, I was part of an organisation called the peer student council. Hence I gained leadership skills through activities that we held for the students of our school and also some of the many workshops that I have attended. I was the coordinator of our community service team which taught me to be more organised and to work together with others as a group. This ability is very advantageous because this job requires me to cooperate with my colleagues, nurses as well as other staffs. In this two year journey, I also managed to improve in my time-management skills which also made me more punctual as well as making me more aware of deadlines. Aside from education and studies, I also indulge myself into various sport programmes whether it is a school’s co-curricular activity or an outside leisure. I played basketball mainly as a hobby and has competed in a few interschool basketball competitions in the years 2016 and 2017. Apart from that, my family and I has a fondness towards hiking and would practice vegetarianism every once in a while. Therefore shows that I very much prioritize my well-being and would surely not trouble the people around me with any health issues.I myself is very much interested in fashion and today’s trends which therefore really made me want to pursue this career because the eyewear is one of the most fashionable item that one could own. Seeing that now there is many types of eyewear ranging from vintage to modern wear, my inner COCO Chanel has been itching to see the next eyewear designs that are comfortable but also very chic.I have applied for attachment at our Local Hospital to gain more knowledge on becoming an optometrist. By march 2018, I would be working at one of my mom’s optical branch to gain working experience.After completing the course, I would love to go back and work for my mother full time. Hopefully i would be able open my own optical business and be my own optometrist. I would help others overcome their eyesight problems and spread awareness about eye health because my country Brunei Darussalam has one of the most breathtaking views and it would be a shame to have to see them through a glass.