My in her Ted talk of Antibiotic Resistance.

My name is Barbara Louijean, I am a 22-year-old college student pursing my second bachelor’s degree in nursing. Being that I have decided to pursue a study within the health field I have acquired a great deal of interest in current health issues and crisis. One crisis in particular I feel that may not seem like a pressing threat/issue but will effect us all and generations to come is the up rise of antibiotic resistance. Research has shown that the emergence and resistance of bacteria to antibiotics is increasing at alarming rates. This seems to be a cycle that in which occurs once an antibiotic drug is introduced shortly after bacteria find a way to resist. This has been seen with the introduction of penicillin in 1943 and then its resistance in 1945. This trend can be seen again with drugs such daptomycin introduced in 2003 and its resistance in 2004. Mary McKenna discusses and addresses these resistance trends and much more in her Ted talk of Antibiotic Resistance. It is estimated that 50,000 people a year between the United States and Europe die from infection 700,000 world wide. This can be contributed to antibiotic resistance. McKenna states that evolution and rapid progression of Antibiotic resistance can be attributed to our over use of antibiotics. 80% of antibiotics used in the U.S. is from animals; antibiotics are given to animals due to their poor sanitary farm life conditions in a way to prevent microorganism contamination and diseases. When the bacteria come into contact with these antibiotics given to the animals they pass along DNA to the other generation of bacteria which can encourage/ encode evolutionary changes that encourage or support its resistance to the antibiotic. Therefore, rendering us useless with protection against these newly evolved bacteria and susceptible to infections. I ask that you support H.R. 1150 (113th): Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act of 2015. In supporting this bill it will regulate and ban medially used antimicrobial treatment that is used for human and animal diseases. This bill will suppress and slow down the over use of antibiotics on livestock; ultimately decreasing the rapid progression of bacteria resistance against antibiotics. This can ensure the use of antibiotics and its effectiveness in fighting infections with the decreased risk and likelihood of resistance. I believe that in supporting this bill you will impact the lives of countless people; specifically, those with compromised immune systems that heavily rely on antibiotic treatments such as organ donors, cancer patients and HIV/AIDS patients. Thank you for your time and consideration.