Muck up day

Muck up day is an unofficial tradition for year 12 on their last day of school. Students often do stupid pranks such as jumping on cars, graffiti, smashing bottles, throwing water bombs and doing even more dangerous things that can hurt and threat person’s life. My view on this issue is that these dangerous pranks should be banned for everyone and safety. What they do for fun and enjoy can ruin man’s life. An innocent girl had a water bomb from a height.

“The first thing she remembered after the accident was lying on the floor with someone wiping blood from her face. “She had dropped out of school three years later as a result of ongoing cognitive problems, headaches and neck pain. ” If it didn’t happen to her, she would have continued to study that she wanted. The one who shattered her life “is claiming damages for her injuries as well as for future economic losses” and he will live in guilty forever. Who is to be blamed for the pranks on muck-up day? So far as students have responsibilities for them but it also lies up on teachers who didn’t give them warning and instructions for muck-up day and let them do cruel things and become foolish.

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The reasons why they play dangerous pranks are not only to release their stress but also they don’t know what responsibilities are going to follow them after accidents happened. We should ban muck-up day for those who celebrate their last day of school in inappropriate way. Nevertheless, to ban every muck-up day is not a good thing to do because “it has been noted that the number of violent or otherwise unsuitable incidents as part of muck-up day are very few.

“Michelle Green, chief executive of the Association of Independent Schools of Victoria, has stated in an opinion piece published in The Herald Sun on October 23, 2008, ‘We have not researched the number of incidents reported compared with past years but they appear to be less than a few years ago. ‘” However, as long as there are some students who play dangerous pranks, the muck-up day should be banned in order to save their future life. I firmly believe that they will have serious risks which won’t allow their dream come true.