Mohammed the chanted ” Ar-nold sucks! Ar-lold sucks!

Mohammed RafiqueDuab, SENG2DW-0116 January 2017 The music itself has the power to create emotions within people, whether it’s to put them in a partying mood, to make them to feel depressed, or to give them hope.Music also its own story within it that either relates back to the artist or its just a story and sometimes the story can be powerful.Throughout the novel The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian, Sherman Alexie as well as in the song Fight Song by Rachel Platten demonstrates that the characters’ facing many obstacles, which is caused by life’s path, brings out the power of belief.This is shown by the use of repetition and poetic devices. Firstly, It doesn’t matter if no one believes in you because it only takes one person to change the outcome and it is yourself.This is shown by Arnold on the 1 first basketball game against Willipint and he was terrified mostly because people at the rez think of him as a traitor and during the game the chanted ” Ar-nold sucks! Ar-lold sucks! Ar-nold sucks!”(Alexie 143). But he did not give up he still played until Rowdy elbowed him in the head.The second game against Willipint Arnold was nervous breakdown but his coach made him say “I can do it”(Alexie 189).He said this repetitively until the belier was there, the crowd went despised him but that did not even phase him.He played with courage and he took the ball right from rowdy’s hands and buried the three-pointer.Basketball has symbolic meaning for Arnold it is a place where he felt like he belonged, he felt like he was in control and where he found the courage to overcome his fears and learned to believe in himself.It is also shown in The Fight Song By Rachel Platten, this song is her declaration that she’s taking back her life, that she can take care of herself, and that she does not need people to believe in her because she believes in herself and is determined to keep fighting. If people don’t think she’s strong enough to fight back all the negativity. She knows she is. The repetition of “Cause I’ve still gone. A lot of fight left in me”(Platten 19-20) and “I still believe”(Platten 27).This powerful, encouraging lines that gives people confidence to do better, be better and keep pushing forward regardless of the circumstances.Both texts share the common theme of courage and believing in themselves.They are portrayed the same way as well with the use of repetition.they also share a similar storyline of you fail and no one believing you but you rise up again.The contrast between them is that she is talking about life while he is talking about a basketball game and also the people actually loathe the fact of Arnold playing for Reardan while for her it was all metaphorical. To conclude you should never give up and change your dreams because people do not believe you because the only person that needs to believe in yourself.Secondly, The power we humans have as an individual cannot be underestimated because if we believe one little choice can make a big difference whether it’s for the better or for the worse but let’s hope it is for the best.This is shown when Arnold makes his choice to transfer to Rearden which made a big difference because it turned his life around, instead of not being able to College he has that chance now and he has friend that actually care about but it did come with consequences but in the long term the pros outway the cons. Willipent was a school but it was not a really good one most people lost hope of ever going somewhere after high school and the educational books, “That old, old, old, decrepit geometry book hit my heart with the force of a nuclear bomb” (Alexie 31).By personifying the thirty-year-old geometry textbook that Junior is expected to study in his class at Wellpinit, Alexie makes the book a powerful symbol for the lack of educational resources on the reservation and government are barely taking care of their education.The repetition of the world old really emphasizes how old the book really is and how long the indigenous people were suffering in the reservation.No matter how big the world is if you try to do something about it, it will make a difference.This is an example of how she feels that is incorporated into the song “Like a small boat on the ocean.Sending big waves into motion, Like how a single word, Can make a heart open, I might only have one match, But I can make an explosion”(Platten 1-6). Rachel Platten uses many similes and a metaphor on the line where one match can make an explosion and it makes me think of the butterfly effect. Something small can change things dramatically and drastically. The insignificant comparisons and the use of ‘small’ and ‘big’ emphasize the fact that something small can make an ‘explosion’. The similarity is that they both share the theme of something small can make a big difference.Their differences are that they both express in different ways Alexie using personification and repetition to bring the symbolic meaning of the geometry book while Platten uses metaphor and similes to exaggerate the effect of someone’s choice to make a difference.To conclude the smallest of things can have the biggest impacts, the power of belief is outstanding.A small acorn can one day become a majestic tree.In conclusion, life as many obstacles but everyone can overcome them if they believe and if they want to help someone or make a difference in their life just know the smallest things can have a huge impact just if you believe.Arnold shows this through believing in himself and overcoming his fear and beating will print.Rachel Platten shows this through a song and uses many poetic devices to emphasize the power of an individual and the power of belief.Both text share similarities but their difference out a way that and this also shows that everything and everyone has many differences but they are always one common thing it shares.Works CitedAlexie, Sherman. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Andersen, 2015. Print.”Rachel Platten – Fight Song .”  19 feb. 2015.