‘Mobility’ support entry of mobility in e-learning? Or

has already made its way to many industries and revolutionized the processes
for a good reason. Now it’s the time for e-learning. If you ask me ‘Why
mobility in e-learning?’, then I have a quick answer for you. It’s because
‘going mobile’ is easy, effective and handy. Nowadays, people are using mobile
phones literally for many purposes- be it shopping, booking a taxi, browsing
etc., so the idea of using mobile for learning purpose has come into the
picture. Moreover, in this millennial generation- using the desktop for
learning has become truly obsolete. A new solution for the new generation

digging into the impact of mobility on e-learning, let’s discuss what is mobility?
As its name suggests ‘mobility’ means ‘a portable technology’.  For example, smartphones, tablets, PDA’s etc.
So, how does mobility impact e-learning?

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Contrary to
traditional desktops, mobile devices are easy to carry anywhere. So, the learner
gets the opportunity to take whenever he/she wants to.

Hi-end technology

Most of the
mobile devices are equipped with functionalities such as web browsers, GPS,
screen sharing, cameras, live recording etc. So the learners can get the
maximum benefit using the high-end technology. For example, the learner can
record the course module for future reference.

No infrastructure required

It is a
brownie point for any learner! Starting a course on a mobile device doesn’t
demand any infrastructure; simply a mobile device is good enough to start off.

mobility has its own set of benefits, there are some setbacks too. Factors such
as mobile platform, wireless connectivity, security, the back end system issues
etc., are limiting its reach. However, there is a lot of scope for mobility in
e-learning sector considering its benefits. If all the issues are well taken
care of, the future is for ‘Mobility’ in the e-learning industry.

So, what
about you? Do you support entry of mobility in e-learning? Or Are you using
mobile devices for learning? Please share your comments below.