Mobile phone

I am here to electrify your mind to show you that mobile phones are a necessity and not one person should go without one. Mobile phones are very attractive and stylish therefore when you are seen with the latest handset it is the same as being seen with a burgundy Porsche Boxter because cars are stolen everyday from lots of people but there are a lot more mobile phones stolen everyday and also many people are killed or seriously injured due to this.

Many people find that having the best mobile phone shows off wealth and status such as a Blackberry(r) which most celebrities have and can cost anything from £250 – £650. A very valid reason for having a mobile phone is that you can talk to anyone anywhere which is very helpful and also if someone knows your landline and your mobile number you will never miss a call. Also, being able to use your mobile anywhere if you are in an emergency you can call the emergency services at the touch of a button. Having a mobile phone is very appealing as the SMS (Short Messaging Service) and phones calls are relatively cheap as 10p per message and 5p per minute on a phone call on the Orange network.

You can also buy top-ups which means there is no line rental on pay as you go mobiles meaning you will only pay as much as you are willing to pay. On mobile phones there is not only phone calling and messaging features there are also notes, a calendar, the internet, a camera and many more meaning all the things you need are on a mobile phone which is very good value. Mobile phones are used as a type of bullying as some people use them to text nasty texts to people, then the people that receive will have to buy a new sim-card meaning that they will have to get a new number but mobile phone bullying is quite an uncommon type of bullying.

Driving while using a mobile phone is handy but very dangerous, studies show that talking on a mobile phone while driving limits a drivers brain functionally and can causes dangerous situations for example crash, knock someone or something over. Driving while using a mobile phone is illegal, if police catch you they will fine you on maybe even charge 3 penalty points, you might even get your license taken away which is awful because you may have to get the bus or even have to pay for taxis.

One of the examples of why not to drive while on a mobile phone, in 2005 a woman aged thirty-six and her children aged three and six crashed into a petrol station, as she was on the mobile phone, killing more than ten people. She was bringing the two young girls to school. That is just one of the many terrible stories. Despite all the risks that a mobile phone carries with it, it can still save you from a lot of risky situations such as a car crash, if you are lost or even if you are in a violent dangerous situation. A mobile phone is necessary to have!