Has Media technology reached it’s peak

Has media technology reached its peak? Surely the question is ‘Has Humanity reached its peak? ‘ From the beginning of time, Humans have found new ways to entertain ourselves. Whether it was theatre, ritual dances, or just a sing-along, Humans have entertained one another and I doubt we’ve reached the pinnacle of what humans can achieve. Humanity has a long way to go, and so does Media entertainment. Throughout History, Humans have overcome massive problems. We have eradicated diseases, flown across oceans wider than continents and become the master species on a planet that is determined to eradicate all life.

Throughout this, Humanity has found time to invent windows to other worlds. Have gained the ability to take a person to another world by making them sit in front of a screen of dots. In 1930, did they ask themselves these questions? Did they say to themselves that they’d reached their limits? Some did, but others had an idea, a vision and ran with it. They gave us colour recording. They gave us Cinemas in our houses. Human potential is limited by Human imagination. The Entertainment business is one of the most profitable industries in the world.

From Children’s TV programs to Adult videos and everything in between, this monstrous business can be seen in every aspect of western civilization. Watch the television for an hour and it’s guaranteed to have at least two film trailers, yet you’d be lucky to see an advert about Cancer Research. What does that say about our Society? It shows that human beings have an average of 6 hours free time each day. It is no longer uncommon for films to make well over£100 million. Could this money be better spent on curing sickness or helping others? Easily, But it never will. The entertainment industry is here to stay.

Since writing began, people have looked to the future. The most famous interpretation of the future of entertainment is Star Trek’s ‘Holodecks’: Rooms that can project stories around you, where you can interact with your surrounds. Where you can live real life from a 3rd person point of view, where you can take the role of an observer. That is the ultimate aim, to create an environment that can be completely controlled by one person. Where a person can live the life they choose without the pressures of real life and I doubt cinema and entertainment will stop developing until we reach that stage.