Marriage times, marriage is a sacred relationship between

Marriage has always been regarded
as the most harmonious and pious relationship between two people. And both the
spouse are complimentary to each other without each other they are regardless.
Marriage is said to be completed (or say) two persons are considered as married
when they has completed saat pheras (seven
round along fire with seven promises for seven birth) according to Hindu marriage. Same way marriage differs from
religion to Hindu 1got
married with seven pheras same way in Islam culture people got married by
saying qubool qubool qubool. There
must be two witness at the time of marriage. Same way Christians has got their
own system.

Now a days the permanency of
marriage is disappearing, the only solution now a days is to get divorced.  In Sociology, sociologist are interested in
marriage and institution of family because marriages create family, and this is
the most basic unit in the society.

Also, now a days fashion of
live-in relationship is on peak and the persons are living together without
getting married. And they are nowhere reasonable but still they are living
together and is this is broken this will lead to a mental trauma.




In ancient times marriage was
decided by parents and the two persons who are getting married they see each
other at the time of marriage. In ancient times, marriage is a sacred
relationship between two people which is not limited to his life but to seven
other lives. There is no gender roles fixed i.e., husband may become wife and
wife may become husband, but they remain together in other lives too. In Indian
culture, for a women a marriage marks the end of her maiden life and she must
leave her parents and went to her husband’s house to live her entire life, and
her relationship with her parents become formal.

In ancient times there were many
forms of marriage:

1.Polyandry- It is a form of
marriage in which there one wife and many husbands i.e., one women marry more
the than one man at a time. It was mainly practiced in Tibet because the
situation were very harsh there and more than one man was required to support
the family. Also one of the main reason was that there were lesser no. of women
in the country (female foeticide). But it controls the population of the place
and economy became strong.

2.Polygyny- This form is just
opposite from polyandry as in this there is one husband and many wives. Those
women who were alive in the war they got remarry and the main motive was to
have children and in some areas, this was practiced to found cheap labours as
form if wife. And in this form of marriage women have lower position as
compared to men.

3.Monogamy- This is a form of
marriage in which is practiced in today’s world as in this form there is only
one husband and one wives. This is a leading form of marriage. Both father and
mother give their fullest attention to their children nut in other to forms i.e.,
in polyandry father are not so devoted to there children and wives due to their
workload and in polygamy wife has grown old and is discarded from younger wife
and there is sense of jealousy between wives. and in monogamy old parents
receive care by there children but in polygamy there is no happiness in there
end days of their lives.

Therefore, monogamy is regarded as
the most trending form of marriage as both the spouse have respect and
understanding for each other.



In matter of status of the women after
marriage in Indian society is that women had always dominated because of her
gender. In every Indian society male has always got the priority as compared to
women. women never enjoys equal rights as men di in the field of social,
political, economic affairs. Before marriage a women depends on her father and
after marriage on her husband, she does not have her own independent life but
always live a life according to others. India is still constrained with
patriarchal form of society. Women cannot work and can only do household works.
She did not have the right to choose her life partner. But now a days the whole
scenario has changed women’s literacy rate has increased and women are now
entering professional field and are freely doing well. But this lead to one
disadvantage i.e.; a married women is burdened because she must do her
professional work as well as his household work because she can resign from her
professional duty but not from her personal duty. Earlier if a women choose her
life partner then that person was shot dead by her family member. but now situation
has wholly changed for women as compared to past. widows can now remarry, inter
religion and inter caste.

But the struggle for their right
will continue against men and economic and social life.


In ancient era. marriages was most
important social institution. and is unavoidable. Marriage was decided by
family members and there was a trend of arrange marriages and the marriage was held
in same caste and religion. but now in modern era , there is inter caste and
inter religion marriages done and earlier girl was chosen on the basis of her
cooking and household work but now she is chosen on her professional work her
skills and talent her peer group compromising attitude. the whole scene is
changed by todays youngsters. Earlier marriage was held between two people and
is considered as dharma and togetherness of seven lives nbut no youngsters got
married to have a life long companionship of their loved ones. this is how the
whole scene of marriage has got changed and this shows a positivity as women
are getting more freedom and respect and there is understanding and mainly a friendship
between two people.




The term dowry is usually known as
when girl’s parents give certain gifts like cash, jewellery car luxurious good
to bridegroom and his family that may help to set up their newly made up house.
And the girl which does not bring cash and gift with her must face harassment from
her in laws which may sometime cause to death. But later, this dowry got prohibited
by prohibition of dowry act. In modern era still there are some part of country
in which dowry has been practiced. There is still a give and take system in marriages.

Dowry prohibition act now
prohibits even taking and giving dowry led to imprisonment of 5 years. Dowry now
is declared void. Indian criminal Law declares dowry as a serious offence and
is defined under sec 30 b of ipc and a person is sentence to death for 7 yearsr
or maximum life imprisonment.


This act came on November 1, 2007 in India. A child
is a one who has not completed age of government has set up new rule
that the legal age that a Hindu girl will marry at the age of 18 years of age
and a boy at 21 yearrs of age. And same in Muslim that a Muslim girl can marry
at the age of 15 years of age and she can even marry her husband. It’s a
contract in which two person got married in which either of the two parties is
a minor. If a child is detained from her marriage or sold out of marriages or
made to marry again and indulged in trafficking, then that marriage is null or void.
then. Metropolitan has the power to issue injunction. Injunction is anything against
a person to show the cause and if the person fails to do so he is punished with
imprisonment of 2 years and fine od rupees 1 lakh.  Rules of this act are made by the respective
state govt THE Act calls for Hindu marriage act 1955 and the child marria