Marquis give up, but he would never allow

Marquis Gilbert


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December 1 2017

Definition essay

have experienced “Motivation” in many different ways to strive for greatness
from a person or place willing to succeed. The importance of having motivation
is very key is someone life. Without motivation people will not remain humble
towards succeeding in life. According to the dictionary, motivation means, “The
general desire or willingness of someone to do something” or “The reason or
reasoning one has for acting and behaving in a particular.” In my life,”
motivation’ has been defined by my family, basketball, and the city of
Syracuse, New York.


first motivation all started with my family. As a young kid they always pushed
me to be the best person I can be. An example of motivation from my dad was, every
time when I went to the playground with my father to play some basketball, I
would lose numerous games and would try to give up, but he would never allow me
to quit or cry about a lost. There would be days where I was at the park with
my brothers and father spending hours working on my game to become a better
player. Another way my family motivated me was, they would always have my back
through bad and good situations.  One bad
decision I made was I had a basketball game in Rochester. I had gotten into an
argument with my coach about playing time so I decided to walk off and leave
the team. When I got home, my parents told me to get back on the team and to
keep working hard. Lastly, my parents would always tell me to go to college
everyday constantly nonstop. This motivated me so I had finally told my family
at the last minute of senior year I was going to college. My brothers and
parents were happy for me for making such a good choice in life and wanted
nothing but the best for me.  One day I
am willing to make my family’s lives easier than to keep going through the financial
struggle. There have been nights where we could not afford food in the house
that lead starvation throughout the night. That motivates me to work harder
towards my dreams so my family would not go a night hungry again.


and being a student athlete also had a huge role of motivation. As a five year
old child I did nothing but watch basketball on television which made me want
to play and be on television. In addition, being a student athlete kept me
focused on a path toward playing division 1 college basketball. Basketball helps me to clear my mind when times get
really tough and I just need some go to stress reliever. Another reason basketball
motivates me is it keeps me going towards what I truly want to do. To play for
a professional basketball team overseas, and being paid to play the sport I
love to do. School have also had motivates me for
better opportunities in life. Keeps me on the right path to focus on getting my
bachelor’s degree and to have a good background resume in life. Also it pushes
me to go for a good paying career job that I would enjoy.  Such as, being a sports analysis or coaching
a professional basketball team is a good job I would love to enjoy.


living in Syracuse New York has motivated me a lot. The negative atmosphere
make me strive for greatness for the better of my city. When I drive down the
street with my windows down I can hear gun shots behind me, also there would be
a big brawl in the middle of the street. Another part
I want to change is the culture and environment of the city. The culture around
here is full of hatred and very anti-social with each other. For example, if
you got to the YMCA basketball gym. There would be black people and white
people not associating with each other. Also, I can hear black people talk down
with an aggressive tone that white people are playing on the same court as them.
This makes me strive to open up a recreation center for people to bond.
 In addition there are fewer community events and social movements to help
stop the unnecessary violence and police brutality killings on black lives.
That really pushes me to help my city to become more peaceful and come together
as one. I am also motivated to assist the youth to strive for their goals,
because there are not enough supporters and people branching out to aid one
another succeed in life. For an example, my thirteen year old little sister
Diamond Gilbert was a top ten recruit for basketball out of Syracuse, New York.
She had just won a championship her junior season at Corcoran high school and
was invited to play in a high level camp in North Carolina .She did not save
enough money at the time and did not come across no transportation to attend.
She had asked everyone to help her out to attend the high level camp, but
everyone turn her down so she couldn’t make the camp. All of these reasons
motivate me to change and to make the city a better safe place to live. I want
to one day have a good impact for coming back and being active with the
community, such as rebuilding recreation centers and upgrading public
playground parks. Also, I would host an event that brings positive vibes that
people will enjoy and connect with outside their social group.


People need motivation to keep going through the hard times.
For me this was financial issues, a difficult city and numerous times worth to
quit in basketball. My motivators kept me driven by continuing to work hard
with better work ethic and chase my goals. My success of finishing college,
Being a professional basketball player, and helping my family financially keeps
me motivated.  Without my family, my
city, being a student athlete and my passion for basketball I would not be able
to continue striving for success.