Marketing Plan for Kikuet

Brand Kikuet is a Puerto Rican company founded in Canovanas, 31 years ago. In 1979, Enrique Mangual gave birth to this business. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of frozen food. Over the years, Kikuet has expanded not only nationally but also in some of the states of America. Nowadays, it is the biggest line of congealed products in the island. Within the products made by this company we can find: croquets, turnover pies, fritters, corn rolls, fried sweeten plantain, fillings, fried cheese balls, tacos, round maize loaves, guanimes and hojaldre.

Actually, the company’s essential has been to create wealthy food, unique in flavor and with high quality ingredients. Kikuet enjoys from a great reputation between the consumers for its quality, taste, preparation, durability, tradition, service and value. They are made using the prescriptions “made in home” and also have a nutritional value approved by the USDA. Each of these elements leads the company through the first place, not only in sales but also in the preference scale. Based on different studies, Kikuet has turned into the line of more acceptances in the kitchens of the country. Uses

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Kikuet products can be used in different ways, already as snack, main meal or dessert. Depending on the customer’s preference, different ingredients can be combined to perform an exquisite plate. For those who have stressful lives and do not have time to cook, these products are the solutions. Delightful and easy to prepare are qualities that fits perfectly with the description of this food. Any hour of the day is suitable to enjoy one of these plates. Moreover is an excellent resource for a party, birthday or any other social activity. Cafeterias as well as restaurants include Kikuet products in their menus.

In spite of his multiplicity of uses, the frozen ones are outlined as starters. Advantages Puerto Rican’s hands are responsible for the artisan confection of the Kikuet products. With more than 100 varieties of packing and the amplest product selection congealed of the Island, the consolidated sales of Kikuet continue in increase. This brand enjoys the consumers’ preference in an 85% of the local market. They count with entire equipment that dedicates them to form new flavors and to throw them to the market. The line BORI-MEX is an example of the diversification of ingredients we can find.

This extension of the Kikuet brand combines Puerto Rican culture with Mexican. The consumer doesn’t have to worry about food’s durability, because the company uses the most careful methods to prevent the flavor from getting lost before coming to the table. “Of everything for all the tastes” it is a motto that it applies perfectly to this brand; they rely on a variety of sizes and flavors capable of satisfying all kinds of palate. The prices are adaptable to the pocket of the hard-working class, converting them into one dish accessible to all kinds of public. Focusing in the flavor, from kids to adults can enjoy the foodstuffs.

They go from soft flavors as potato’s landfill or croquettes to stronger flavors as the line Bori-mex. For the ones that seek to sweeten the palate also there’s an alternative, the guava turnover pies and corn rolls. Unlike other brands, Kikuet own particular stores. Competition The competition at the present time is very hard in business level and frozen food field is not the exception. Kikuet faces companies as Titan or Goya and nonetheless 85 % of the consumers prefer it as the leading brand. This company has been rewarded a great many times by his quality, value and flavor.

The permanence of Kikuet exceeds the levels of the opposite chains. Contrasting with other brands, Kikuet has their own stores but also distribute their products to the big chains of supermarket in P. R. In the past years, Kikuet has reached more than 10 million dollars in sales per year. Social Marketing The actual slogan that guides Kikuet’s merchandise is “The taste for ours” (“El gusto por lo nuestro”) so giving excellence through the flavor is their fundamental base of working . In order to attract public attention the company organized different activities such as: commercial samples of the products in lease like supermarkets.

They also prepare a big event known as Kikuet Food Fest. The importance of this celebration is that gathers together the Puerto Rican food traditions. What’s more, Kikuet sponsors food contests so they promote their product and set up credibility. Engaged with the improvement of living quality, Mr. Mangual assigns funds to support social causes in the country. Looking for increase their acceptability, Kikuet attract the retailer visually, by distributing flyers or publishing in the supermarket’s “shoppers”. Market Segment Market segmentation for products Kikuet I- Geographic profile

Country: United States of America State: California Region: Los Angeles II- Demographic profile Age: Since 3 years in forward (is an aprox. age kids can eat strong food) Gender: Feminine and Masculine Nationality: All kinds III- Socioeconomic profile Income: Minimum wage is acceptable Profession: occupations in general Education: Basic knowledge IV- Life Cycle Children, single young persons, married young persons, young person’s divorced without children, and young person’s divorced with children, adult single young persons, married adults, adults divorced with children and elders. Target Market

The target market can be described as: people from 3 years in forward, of masculine and feminine gender, that counts at least with a minimum income and case in of the minors to count on adults who does the buyer’s times. In addition, occupation is not a factor of importance since this product have been designed for consume of the public in general. Our product is exported to the United States and specifically to the state of California (Los Angeles). We focused in which our product is accepted between families where young from the 5 years they can ingest our foods. Understanding that the iddle-class is our major consumer, we specify in the Latin group of persons. The reason for choosing this target group is because the gastronomic Latin culture has a few qualities in common. The ingredients Kikuet implement in their preparations are the same consumed daily the in Latin tables. Been acquainted with the ingredients increase the possibility of estimate the flavor and the quality of the products. Packing Over 300 employees compose the Kikuet family. Each of them is connected with the mission and vision of the company. The company responsible for the packing and distribution is better known as Y Unit.

Packing the merchandise consist is a long process made in the fabrics. After prepare the food, workers have to wrap each piece with wax paper so they keep the flavor intact, prevent from sticking to each other, and make easy the boiling process. After the wrapping process, goods are divided in determine quantities so they fits into the container. The container material is carton, resistant to withstand both cold and heat. His interior packing is clear of plastic; it protects the structure of the product, allowing the preservation of the original characteristics.

Each package has the company emblem, the logo and a picture of the product with his name. Kikuet visual image keep the customer attention by using big size letters and combine brightly colors. Packages size depends on the product size or the number of sales you want per box. Labeling The name of the brand comes from the creator of this company. Enrique Mangual uses his nickname “Kike” as inspiration to develop the company name. In the beginning, Mr. Mangual prepared the food at home and makes garage sales to obtain some money. Afterward and thanks to the acceptance, he acquires an establishment and move into it.

The purpose of the chef’s cartoon accompany with the logo is to represent the founder of the company. The chef’s gesture, closing his fingers, means excellence. The logo counts of six letters, all capitals; right under is the name of the packed product and below with small letters the particular flavor of the same one, for example meat or chicken. Colors as red, yellow and white they accompany the emblem of the products Kikuet in the box. According to the company slogan, “Quality and taste to the point”, Kikuet contributes with the industry enlargement through serving with honesty.

The main objective is to be known by their quality, innovation and best price. List of Products Products Kikuet can be offered with changeable features. These features are representatives of the Puerto Rican culture because of the ingredients or the handcraft. The variety goes from the flavor to the sizes of the products. Attach to this page is a list of Kikuet’s products. * * Croquets (Croquetas) 1- Chicken 2- Ham * Cornmeal Bread (Arepas) 1- Corn and cheese 2- Garlic 3- Coconut * Fried turnover pie (Empanadillas) 1- Filled w/ pizza 2- Filled w/ beef 3- Filled w/ cheese 4- Filled w/ chicken 5- Filled w/ broccoli – Filled w/ turkey 7- Filled w/ pepperoni 8- Filled w/ chicken and cheese 9- Filled w/ beef and cheese * Small turnover pie (Pastelillos) 1- Filled w/ beef 2- Filled w/ chicken 3- Filled w/ guava 4- Filled w/ cheese 5- Filled w/ pizza * Fillings (Rellenos) 1- Potato and beef 2- Cassava and beef * “Mofongo” balls * Tacos 1- Beef 2- Lasagna 3- Chicken 4- Hot dog 5- Crab * Fried Sweet plantain (Amarillos fritos) * * Cassava in pieces * Mass of “hojaldre” * Guanime * Round corn loaves (Plantillas) 1- White 2- Yellow * Tortillas 1- White corn 2- Yellow corn * Stuffed cassava fritter (Alcapurria) – Filled w/ beef 2- Filled w/ crab * Fried Cheese balls (Bolitas de queso) * Fried platain chip (Tostones) * Corn rolls (Sorullos de maiz) Cost of Export Shipments Canovanas-based Kikuet, a fritter manufacturer, has been selling its goods to supermarket chains in Florida for over a decade and export sales increase an average 15% each year. This decision was taken because of the proposals from foreign distributors who proved that there was an international market for these products, plus all the approaches they received from individual customers living outside of PR requesting them.

Orlando’s Santana Enterprises distributes products from the Kikuet line; the same products you see here [Puerto Rico] are sold in Florida. They sell 15 to 16 full-container loads each year. Kikuet’s stateside sales of such items as empanadillas, tacos, and guanimes are expected to increase up to 25% in less than two years, as soon as the company finds distributors for the Hispanic markets in New York, Boston, New Jersey, Chicago, and Philadelphia, according to President Enrique “Kike” Mangual, adding that stateside sales account for about 7% of Kikuet’s total sales of about $10 million.

The company already is in negotiations with some distributors, but didn’t disclose their names. Kikuet is investing more than $1 million on a plant in Carolina, expected to open in March 2006. Analysis of the product The frozen Kikuet is developed for all kinds of people consumption. Inside the preference reasons established by the consumers, a top value was identified by the advantages that have in quality and the facility that carries his preparation. Having a double packing assures the consumer that the product should not have contact with the dampness, with any chemist, or etc.

One of the prizes of this product is that it has a very good rotation, since it is possible to use so much as breakfast or in any other time. On having determined the consumer age, from 4 in forward, there’s opened a very big purchase field, since any person who has the possibilities of eating by their own is located in the established range. The fact of being a massive consumption product makes the price accessible to all kinds of buyer and / or consumers. The product diversity is a great benefit ahead the competition.

Additionally, this company takes the time to generate expectations in the customers for the variety of his products. References * Rosa, T. (2005) ‘A taste of Puerto Rico’. Stateside supermarket import Puerto Rican food products to cater Hispanic household. Find at: http://www. puertorico-herald. org/issues2/2005/Vol09n25/CBTastePR. html * www. kikuet. com * www. kikuet. com/new/ * Kikuet Company, M. Figueroa. Find at: [email protected] com (787)-876-9191 (787)-876-9188