Marie was known for her determination and hard-working

            Marie Curie was a female scientist who was known for
winning two Nobel Prizes, and discovering two elements on the periodic table. Born
as Maria Salomea Sklodowska on November 7th, 1867, her parents were
poor school teachers named Wladyslaw and Bronislawa Sklodowksa. Marie was known
for her determination and hard-working spirit. Marie Curie had a very
interesting life, such as: her childhood upbringing, her marriage and life with
Pierre Curie, and her accomplishments in science, (, 2018).

            Marie was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, into a
family of seven. Her sister’s death by typhus, a severe fever, and later her
mother’s death by tuberculosis both had long-lasting effects on Marie’s
upbringing (, 2018). Due to her mother’s death in 1878, her
father found it hard to support Marie and her surviving siblings. Thus, Marie
took a job as a governess and a private tutor to earn savings. With this money,
she was able to sustain her education and family life, which helped her greatly.

years of studying, Marie applied and entered into Sorbonne University in Paris,
France. During her stay in Paris, she met another like-minded individual. His
name was Pierre Curie, a scientist who worked within city. They stayed together
for a year before they married; this was also around the time she adopted the
French spelling of her name.

pair soon began working together at the School of Chemistry and Physics. Marie
and Pierre began reaching to find an unknown element. This element was radium, which
they called polonium. The new chemical was the atomic number of 84 on the
periodic table. The Curies still continued investigating this element after it
was founded, and they realized the liquid left behind was still extremely

after they began getting recognized for their work, Pierre was sadly struck in
a street accident by a horse and cart. Although Marie was extremely sad, she
continued their work and won her second Nobel Prize in 1911. After this, Marie
went to work in WW1 for X-raying wounded men and this only got her more
attention for her works in chemistry. She began winning other prizes and awards
for her amazing work. Unfortunately, on July 4th, 1934 Marie died.
She left behind all her work, and two daughters, Irene (b. 1898) and Eve (b.
1904), who were hard workers just like their mother, (, 2018).

            Marie Curie’s life was very different than anyone else’s
of her time, but she was still amazing. Marie was also an extraordinary
physicist and chemist, especially for her age when she started. Her work should
always be remembered, since she worked so hard for everything she did. She was
just as proud of her work before death, as everyone else around her was. To
this day, she is remembered as a hard-working mother, scientists, chemist, and
great wife to Pierre Curie, I believe he would have been proud of her work and how
she finished it.