Many himself with lower-class people who didn’t care

Many people ask, what is reputation? Reputation is the way others view you. To some, reputation doesn’t matter, but to others it’s a huge deal. The book, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde written by Robert Louis Stevenson, is a book that focuses on reputation. The book takes place in the Victorian era. During that era reputation was a great deal. One should care about reputation, unless it involves risking it for doing good to others.In the book, Utterson would risk his own reputation to help others. Utterson associated himself with lower-class people who didn’t care about their reputation. For example, this quote shows how important reputation was in that era, “Men have before hired bravos to transact their crimes, while their own person and reputation sat under shelter (Stevenson 63). Mr. Utterson doesn’t talk to anyone about the will that Dr. Jekyll gave him. Utterson thinks that Dr. Jekyll is being blackmailed by Mr. Hyde. Throughout all of this Utterson still says nothing so he can keep his friend’s reputation intact. Similarly, the song, “End Game” by Taylor Swift is a song about reputation. In her song, she states how she has many issues and how reputation precedes her. For example, “I got issues on both of my shoulders/ Reputation precedes me and rumors are knee-deep” (Taylor Swift Lyrics 35-36). In this song, Taylor Swift doesn’t care about her reputation and what others think. With that being said, Utterson is the same. Utterson doesn’t care about his reputation and what others think either. In the same way, an article, “Reputation and Social Perfection: The Social Creation of Mr. Hyde” written by Valerie Mack has many good points on how reputation is perceived in the book. The book was written in the Victorian era so everyone focused on being the best and having a good reputation. For example, “Reputation, though, could be easily shattered by any wrongdoing that might change the perception of the person; Utterson ran considerable risk in associating with people of lower respectability” (Mack 4). Even though Utterson was apart of the higher class, he risked his reputation to help others. In conclusion, one should care about their reputation, yet still have an open-mind about others. Due to Utterson, digging deeper and risking his reputation he found out a lot of information which ended up helping him find out the truth. Even if you are expected to maintain your reputation, there is nothing wrong with going outside of the box.