Manmohan put on record by the primary witness,

Manmohan Singh as a man who rightly deserved the ridicule he
aroused in the general population’s minds. I was particularly curious at the reactions
of his family.

Instead I found
that Sanjaya Baru, far from showing the man to be a silent robotic personality,
had held up an image of a Brutus – like tormented tragic hero, with a
tremendous amount of turmoil in his heart.


Baru actually
portrays him as an extremely deserving Prime Minister of India who is trapped
in his own sense of what’s right and what’s wrong and thus becomes an object of
contempt and gains the notoriety of destroying the magnificent stature of the
office that he held.


He defends Dr. Manmohan Singh and it is UPA chief Sonia
Gandhi and her gaggle of yes-men who are shown up in a poor light. The book does not
disparage him in any manner. It tries to
explain plainly the power equation between Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh
but does not sensationalize the issue. It only re-affirms what the Indian
public knew to be true.


Dr. Manmohan Singh
is shown, regrettably, as a helpless, clueless shadow – puppet of Sonia Gandhi
who almost arouses our sympathies because of his ineffectiveness in functioning
as the Prime Minister of India. This
sad truth was simply being put on record by the primary witness, ie, Sanjaya
Baru, to this political drama.


Baru tell us that
Dr Singh was terrified of losing his place in the scheme of things if he did
not kowtow to the High Command, Sonia Gandhi. For Dr. Singh, the Gandhi family
came first, followed by the political party, prime minister’s office and,
lastly, the country.


He was anxious of not
getting into Sonia Gandhi’s bad books, and always insisted that on no account
was his importance to be broadcast over and above that of the First Family. He
chastised Baru on one occasion for handing him the credit for a particular
event. He knew that Sonia Gandhi wanted the credit for it to be given to her
son Rahul.


Perhaps the
treatment meted out to former Congressmen Narasimha Rao and Sitaram Kesri forced
Dr. Singh to act in this manner. Both these stalwarts had stood their ground on
several issues against Sonia Gandhi and their importance in the political arena
was erased.  Narasimha Rao was treated as
a complete outcast and she refused permission for his last rites to be
performed in the capital, where all past prime ministers of the country had had
their funerals. Sitaram Kesri, the president of the Congress party before Sonia
Gandhi, was literally thrown out of power to make way for Sonia Gandhi.


Another mistake
that Dr Singh made was to think that that no matter what his cabinet did, he himself
would remain with a clean image. This was perhaps his vital failing. A Prime Minister of a democracy
cannot remain submerged in filth and not get mud on his face.


 Corruption on a massive scale as is seen in
the various scams like the 2G scam, the Coalgate scam, the spectrum allocation
spam, the Commonwealth Games scam and other scams during that era thrived
merrily under his very nose and he remained a silent bystander. His uprightness
and principles did not do the country any good as his party men carried on the
plunder of the nation in various guises.