Majority such as Facebook to read the news,

Majority of people are heading to social media such as Facebook to read the news, by doing that it makes it harder for publishers to attract the readers eye, without a shadow of a doubt Facebook is the most important network for reading, finding and watching news. The extraordinary growth of video that is shared by the internet. This is related to the rise of exaggerated entertainment such as Netflix and Amazon and that is a new way of watching TV on demand. Tablets and smartphones with good quality screens tend to attract the eye of people and have enabled them to watch videos anywhere with apps and cameras and even editing software.

How the world changed social media written by Daniel Miller states ‘These technologies have changed us. They have given us potential for communication and interaction that we did not previously possess (Miller, 2016)’   Buzz feed has taken the internet by a blast, the website is one of the fastest growing, Having the internet on its side Buzz feed is constantly winning with the fake news that they spread and the audience believe the fakeness and that benefits the company, the news is easily accessible and they post 4 times a day which would catch anyone’s eye. The issue that buzz feed has is that when reading and going through the articles there are no references left behind as Megan Poczos states ‘Another problem with Buzz feed has with credibility is that they rarely if ever credit their sources in their articles’. (Poczos, 2015) Any user that is active and registered, Buzz Feed allows them to create posts of their own, by having this put in place it creates a great way for people to get involved and be a part of something, but at the same time, it leaves room for mistakes and fake news. ‘Meagan Poczoz states ‘It leaves a lot of room for unprofessional, unaccredited and untrue writing’  (Poczos, 2015) The thing with Buzz Feed is that anyone can write anything they want and whatever subject they feel is necessary to them, people just want to get their views and opinions across to others and because of that it will leave the audience wondering, Can Buzz Feed be trusted as a reliable source. Many of the headlines have a bad word having provocative images and bad content. that aside, admittedly it is entertaining and it does a good job of keeping people interested in the site, Although what is on the site may not always be true it does what it needs to do in the content of keeping the audience at bay, and keeping them interested and if that is the type of things that the viewers are looking for then, by all means, that’s the place to be, but looking for more up to date content and real news, then start by looking at the news channels.