Mainly and how does one improve the overall

Mainly the
book is about the common sense and how does one improve the overall team’s
performance. The book tells us about how to identify bottlenecks or issues how
to improve your team performance. In companies there are desired vision or
goals in which the number of peoples are involved and there is a manager who
manages the work so there is an input the set of people involved and output i.e.
there is a problem and a solution to it. There are dependencies between the
people if one person finishes the work than other person can begin his work. When
there is dependencies than there are variances that how long the person will
take to finish his work so that other person can start his work. There are
variables for every when you have a team you are trying to solve a
problem which you can’t handle individually you are bound to have dependents
event everyone can take different variable amount of time to finish a problem. When
there are problems there is always going to be bottleneck. The first thing the
book mainly tells what managers do is define the goal so that everyone in the
team is working on right set of problems and working on things that are
productive. Secondly identify the bottlenecks and make them correct they are
the slowest and weakest link in the critical chain. The book also tells us how
to improve these bottlenecks and overall output of team increases. The key
thing the book offers is the theory of constraints (bottlenecks). So manager
should put his best peoples to improve the bottlenecks. Changes should be made correctly
and communicated to all members of team. Thirdly the manager should ensure that
to put in right measurement to measure progress towards goal.  Lastly the team output should be optimised
that is the flow of work should go on.

Main concept
of book revolves around

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