Logan rules and regulations, this made him to

Logan Paul
Bounces Back

Logan Paul is youtube video guy who is doing Vlogs with more
subscribers. He recently posted a video of suicide from suicide forest. This
video garnered more views and also violated youtube rules and regulations, this
made him to broke the contract with Youtube and finally youtube deleted the
video. Because of these allegations, Logan Paul lost sponsorship and also
supporters for his business all had backed from him.

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After releasing a tasteless video in YouTube in which he casually
exposed a suicide victim in a country and now all these allegations made him
suicide prevention advocate. Sure, these type of actions from him may have
something to succeed his allegations and avoid backlash to his old video and
also he mentioned as he didn’t post that video for views. But, look: maybe
Logan Paul is being genuine.

The above video is his excellent reclamation play, and it is—well, it’s
a fucking YouTube identity video, worked around his “excursion” to
find more, with promises to “submerge myself in the discussion”
around suicide avoidance. He’s scholarly, he tells the watcher more than once
finished moderate movement film of him washing his hands and face, strolling
into the daylight, and bolstering a small fucking canine. The clasp’s most
sorrowful music is played over a montage of his awful press clippings; this
turns to insipidly hopeful electronic music as automaton film overviews the
wild, suicide-aversion learning’ experience Paul went ahead, with time-slip by
film of him hanging out of a taxi and simply taking things on. Learning. He
likewise had a less doltish hair style.

In this video, Paul advices and announces that Suicide is not good and
he also pledges $1 million for Suicide Prevention Organisation

All of which is to say that he’ll likely be back to, um, pretending he fucked his brother’s girlfriend or
whatever soon enough. The YouTube economy wants what it wants.