Living me creative ways to face hardships and

Living in the mountainous regions of Pakistan taught me many
lessons of life. Ambitious to become a stronger human rights activist, I
started my journey from my village to the city which was not easy at all, every
turn and twist has taught me creative ways to face hardships and make myself
young leader and set example that the youth of my area would follow. I believe,
this would be an exuberant study program for me to ‘gain knowledge to serve my
community better’ through discussions. Being a part of leading change network
and an active citizen of my country would like complete my post-graduation
degree in Development and Globalization which best fit my experiences and goal.
I want to be the advocate for a knowledge society and by performing researches I will be working to improve the
developmental process of the global community through a role in which I can be
most effective. I would also polish my leadership skills; learn
procedures and techniques of leading a better change, come up with innovative
ideas to bring a revolutionary change, improving health and education of youth
in Pakistan. With conviction, I believe, SOAS University would be step ahead in
the compliance of my dreams, help in the formulation and implementation of
future projects for the betterment of far mountainous places through globally
connected and locally engaged.

Few years of experiences and exploring few countries I feel
my application for this degree program in Development and Globalization is
quite motivated for me to set new heights in my intellectual pursuit.
Development and Globalization is a most pressing issue for the developing
countries like Pakistan and my specialized study in this field will make me a
professional with abilities important to my beloved country Pakistan, hence there
will be a bright future for my career development when I return to Pakistan
after completing degree program.

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SOAS University is one of the best British universities with
incomparable academic prestige. I am fascinated by courses like; Developmental Studies,
Good Governance, Development and Globalization. I plan to carefully study in
the one-year program, further improve my analytical, leadership and problem-solving
skills. Through attentive coursework I will submit a thesis in which some advance
studies would be expected.