Little Lost Dog

In the beginning, on one cool, summer morning, when the birds sang merrily in the weeping willow trees and the air was peaceful and calm as the gold, fresh, rewarding harvest, a stubby, short dog skipped out of his rather abandoned, lonely-looking kennel. Johnny, the little dog was a dog that loved adventure, sightseeing and exploring. However, Johnny became unsatisfied and ungrateful with the regular country life that he lived and grew more and more bored of it. Instead, he wanted to venture into the bright lights of the city that he had heard so much about.

It is 7am; the dawning sun finally shines her bright vermilion rays on the wide-open spaces of Jakes Farm. Jimmy rounded up his six-hardworking sheep dogs on the green feeding them their regular long awaited breakfast meals. In sour relief, they all quickly took to their bowls. “You hungry mutts,” Jimmy chuckled, “You deserve every last grub. ” Johnny, who was the seventh, was the last to come. He was the odd part of the team. Jimmy then placed Johnny’s bowl on the floor, Johnny looked at him feverishly as if he was about to have a cold. What’s up with you? ” pondered Jimmy.

Johnny then slowly nibbled his breakfast like a rabbit; he did not look very well at all. The others just snubbed Johnny still concentrating on their scrumptious meals, “O what a stubborn, self-centred hound” they all thought together. Jakes Farm, ‘the green centre’ as it was famously known and as they formally called it at its most productive, fulfilling and profiting days, was located in the heart of the great, vast West Midlands of England. The farm overlooked many landscapes that were as far as the eye could see.

Hills, valleys, tree, woods, wildlife and all manner of natural things all occupied this so-called ‘Mother Earth’. Subsequently, Jimmy then took poor old Johnny to the vets. As they both approached the main entrance Johnny began to howl uncontrollably. He was quite afraid of the vets because he always often felt drowsy after they vaccinated him. He remembered one time after having a fight with his fellow hound Pete suffering vigorously from rabies and he finding himself whirling around dizzily in a room seeing Jimmy, Mr & Mrs Jakes gazing astonished and in amazement.

They entered the building and met a kind-looking receptionist. The female receptionist smiled at Johnny expecting a nice lick from the graceful dog but Johnny suddenly growled back at her and gave her a nasty scratch, he had already started feeling very agitated. She then looked at Jimmy, trying to shun back the embarrassment by grinning. She felt very intimidated over the matter. “What’s the trouble this time Jimmy my boy? ” she then shyly asked already knowing Johnny from a few visits. Jimmy first of all apologised politely to her for Johnny’s bitch-like behaviour and then fully explained, O ma’am I’m very sorry for this mutt’s behaviour, please forgive him and I for this ungraceful and unpleasant experience.

We’re from the nearby farm you see and Johnny here has been acting awfully strangely recently, please can you ever help us? Please! ” The receptionist smiled admirably at the two. “O darlings! ” she laughed, “grant yourselves are forgiven. ” In time, Johnny was soon examined and thankfully sent home. The work on the farm had just long gone begun by noon and everyone was expecting a half-day’s and working’s worth of lunch. Work on the farm was all right for others except Johnny.

Tommy, Mattie, Pete, Jamie, Early, Frankie and Johnny were all sheepdogs working on Jakes Farm, Mr ; Mrs Jakes who were their owners and their eight-year-old son Jimmy all owned the farm gratefully. The only creature that grew very spiteful on Jakes Farm was Johnny. Gradually, as everybody worked, sowed and reaped Johnny, still working, began to wonder and daydream of what lied beyond the farm. The new sites, the new sounds, the new smells, all this engulfed his mind fascinating him very strongly. His imagination spread through his doggy head as the stars spread across the universe.

He left his daily work and sat by an oak tree, slowly, he then falls into a very deep trance and imagines that he is in the city. Firstly, Johnny sees the bright lights, fireworks, shops, the full moon, the Ferris wheels, funfairs, crowds of people and so many things that captured his thoughts. He felt so astounded, “I wish… I wish… ” he hoped magically, “I… I wish this were for real! ” Secondly, Johnny hears fireworks, crackers, and bottles of champagne, crowds cheering and jeering, cameras snapping, people partying, and clubbers clubbing.

He did not see anything; instead all he did was hear the great, big noises. Finally, it was Johnny’s favourite bit; after all he being a dog, smell was he strong point. Johnny then sniffed and snuffled instinctively, he then smelled the ‘meal of the day’ from the restaurant, the long strips of sausages, the finished bones, the bitches he wanted to mate, the cats he wanted to chase, all of which he picked up the scent without having absolutely any doubt in mind. He thought of it to be a doggy high life, ignorantly not knowing that it certainly was a dog-eat-dog world out there.

The next morning Johnny rounded up all of his hound friends and decided to tell them what happened. Tommy, Mattie, Pete, Jamie, Early and Frankie all gathered round to listen to Johnny tell his tale. Pete, the clever one, gave Johnny a wise word of advice, “You must be joking about going to the city, the dogcatchers will catch you alive! ” he said wisely. All the others agreed except Jamie who was the mischievous one. “Give it a shot Johnny! ” he said encouragingly, “You never know what cool bones you’ll find there. ” “I’m quite confused! ” Johnny exclaimed, “Really! It all looked, sounded and smelt so real! Honest! ”

All the other dogs howled mockingly at Johnny for they thought that he had made a mad fool of a mongrel at his age. They simply didn’t know that he was telling the truth all along. Later on that week, after the whole mental issues that had occurred, Johnny finally decided to take some action. He began wandering about and all around the hidden sites of the farm without anyone noticing him. As he wandered all around the place he saw a gigantic truck that inscribed ‘British Farms Ltd. ‘. The truck was head was heading for London. Johnny, having made-up his mind that he may go on big city adventure, foolishly entered inside the truck.

He did not know specifically or take into consideration what it was for, where it may go or who was driving it. All he knew was that it somehow will or may journey to London. On the other hand, the meat truck that Johnny somehow did not know that he was in, indeed, did head for London. It took three hours and ten minutes to get there and was driven by a man named Jacob Gall who worked for British Farms Ltd. By six o’clock, they had already arrived at the city. Johnny quickly retreated from the truck hoping that the man will not see him. He searched the crowded city.

“Something is so entirely different about this place! he thought fearfully. Suddenly, flashbacks mentally from the recent trances that he had fallen into came deep in his memory and started to spring back to life! Everything strangely and mysteriously seemed to be very familiar in a very spooky way. Johnny started to have Goosebumps. He was scared, he was lost and he did not know what to do. He wandered through the black, crooked streets of London with salty tears rolling consistently down of his nose, he then regretfully howled to himself, “Oh, what a foolish, stupid poodle I’ve been, I do wish I had listened carefully to wise old Pete, hoooooowwwl! Johnny felt very helpless! As time went on, Johnny slowly remembered his dear friends and loved ones on the farm.

For in time past, he always mistook them for good-for-nothing bow-wows but now he admitted that they were his friends after all. Meanwhile, back at the farm the Smith family were busy looking for Johnny but when they could not find him they declared him missing. The state authorities hung pictures of Johnny everywhere around the nearby lands. As time went by, Johnny started to adjust and adapt to the city life and made new friends.

He learnt about friendship, co-operation and teamwork. These were the key skills and virtues that he lacked a lot back at the farm. He and his new friends supported each other, since they were poor and could live on only a few things to survive. They were very dependant on each other. Time after time, he learnt the lessons deeply about life step-by-step. He even told his new friends of the many works and activities they could do on the farm. Johnny found the happiness he desired when he finally realised his faults and confessed them. He also had finally learnt to be a very grateful dog.

After weeks on end, eventually, Jacob, the man who drove the truck, found Johnny. Johnny was somewhat pleased and unhappy at the same time. He was pleased due to the fact of being found at last but also being very unhappy because of leaving the new friends that he made. Therefore, as Johnny returned back to the farm in the same truck, Johnny kept all the good memories and lessons that he had learnt in his heart. He was very pleased with the big adventure that he wished for earlier on. No matter what the up and downs Johnny faced, he learnt to not complain and to look up in times of troubles.

Back at home, Johnny ran tirelessly down the green to lick his old friends, “Ah, home sweet home. ” He thought in relief. He new his time had finally come. The other poodles ran back to him in the same way. It was a great reunion. The all-new Johnny told them about his life at the city. They and all the other great and small farm animals all sat down in the haystack and listened carefully to him speak as if he were a preacher preaching a great sermon to a great congregation. He told them all about his thoughts, trances and visions of an adventure as far as the eye could see.

He told them all about his ungratefulness and how it affected him in the past. He last but not least, told them about the new lessons that he learnt and new friends he made in the city and how they made him a better character. It came to pass, that finally Johnny learnt the new precepts of ‘a dog’s life’ and also learnt to appreciate his very green home. He helped Jimmy round up the sheep, helped Mrs Smith hang the washing up, he even helped Mr Smith feed the chickens. Johnny had at the end become the very dog he wanted and needed to be. This made him proud.