List had achieved. The deficiencies apparent on the

List of specific business and system problems
faced by BMT

us relate this topic with an article “The effect of information systems on firm
performance and profitability using a case study approach”. This article is based
on a company named Beale and Cole witnessing major growth in its business.
During its start-up, it was established as a small family business but now it
is one of the leading firms in the South West of England with branches in
Exeter, Yeovil and Plymouth.  The company
has experienced success over the years. However, for the competent long term
sustainability of this growth, the existing information, communication and
technology (ICT) infrastructure were insufficient.

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Initial Review of Beale
and Cole’s information systems

this step the internal processes and information systems that has been used
till now in the organization is reviewed thoroughly so as to point out the list
of specific business and system problems faced by Beale and Cole. In this thorough
review, it is found that duplication of effort, inefficiency in some processes
and problems in communication are the major problems experienced by the

Olugbode et al. (2008) developed
a model as shown below so as to explain all the major problems in detail and to
show up the impact of the improved information systems on operational
performance and profitability in the organisation.


This can be attained by
appointing new personnel or acquiring new resources such as new information
systems targeted at improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Lack of uniformity and

The major concern was that
there were many bespoke systems and undocumented manual system, and very little
uniformity in operational procedures.

E-Commerce strategy

Although Beale and Cole had
a website, it did not give a clear and up to date picture of who they are and
what they had achieved. The deficiencies apparent on the website meant it could
not be effectively utilized as a strategic e-commerce tool for marketing the
company’s services.


Information in the organization
was stored at a very high cost rather than being shared. The main modes of
communication within branches were through phone and fax, face to face and
limited use of e-mail, while for customer and suppliers, telephone and fax were
used. There were also the lack of network capabilities for file sharing and organized
postal system and no internal communications link for the offices. This
translated to increased expenditure on telephones. This existing communication
arrangement promoted data duplication, loss of information, elongated processes
and increased time frames for decision making.

To eradicate these
deficiencies, a number of changes were made to the existing system that has led
to the Standardization of forms and procedures between sites, eliminates duplication
of activity, reducing error and improving better communication with branches
and customers, enhanced data security through integrating the IT and
communications system, improving their reliability, robustness and increasing
user confidence, Implementation of a suitable filing structure reduced time
spent locating files and enabled improved archiving capabilities.

Olugbode et al. (2008) described the experiences
and lessons learnt at Beale and Cole as they implemented changes to their
existing IS practices in order to support the level of growth of the business. These
changes to the organization’s operational practices, business system and ICT
infrastructure have improved operational processes and efficiency of the

Likewise, in the case of Brisbane
Multi-Faith Temple (BMT), which
opens five sites of multi-faith temple to serve over 10,000 people per day, the chairman Sam is going
to set IT system for all temples like Mount Cotton (the 1st),
Rocklea, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. The growth of the business
has led to the IT infrastructure, the Donation systematic and various others.
There are lists of specific business and system problems faced by BMT as
mentioned below:

Growth of business to 5 temples in quick session.

IT Setup:
To make the systems shareable across the sites, new IT infrastructure is

and Security of Data (across sites) and Logistical Issues: Sam wants to make
systems information shareable across sites without necessary duplication. He
also wants to make proper records of patron donations, staff files, staff
timesheets, and payroll processing and conducting a regular staff meeting.

Feedback system: Sam wants the system where a patron can donate money online,
or sponsor specific events, or create scholarships. He also wants automatically
send an email thank the patrons for their contribution. And this system can
provide a download or print options for a consolidated statement to clients at
the end of the year.

Products Ordering: Telephone calls currently used by BMT sites to make the
order for the food products. Sometimes there have been out of supplies in some


Lack of proper IT
setup in an organization and lack of automation are the major system problems
faced by BMT. Nikoloski (2014) explained
the role of IT in business is clearly apparent. It helps to automate simple,
routine tasks and support business activities and take appropriate decisions.
In this way, it allows businesses to run efficiently and profitably. Moreover,
in today’s world, IT has become an essential asset of firms’ competitive
advantage. It also helps businesses by reducing workloads and avoiding
unnecessary error thereby saving time, cost and energy. Hence, this article
will help BMT to reduce the problems faced by it due to the lack of technology
setup and no automation.