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Bibliography: Kim, Hung-Jinn and Pennington, Matthew. “Rival Koreans resume contact, but no closer yet on resuming nuclear disarmament talks. ” Washington Post. Septet. 20, 2011 Summary of the Article: Representatives of North and South Korea finally met on Wednesday after a huge hiatus of communication, but showed no sign of bridging their differences to resume negotiations on ending Pyongyang nuclear program after it walked out two years ago. Despite the lack of apparent breakthrough, South Korean talks did leave open the possibility of future progress. The communication meant the two Koreans would pep trying to ease tensions on the peninsula.

The nuclear test angered critics in South Korea who said their government shouldn’t give North Korea a long leash when its strategy seems to be to raise tensions to gain more aid and other concessions to shore up a tricky political succession at home. Link to Historical Theme: Theme: Patterns and effects of interactions among societies and regions: trade, war, diplomacy, and international organizations. Explanation: This theme directly relates to this article because there finally interactions among societies and regions between the rival North and South Koreans.

Of course there onto be instant relationship repair between the two regions but, there will be progressive communications after more meetings. My Reaction: Complete and utter shock, honestly I did not think that these two countries would ever be able to begin to reconcile their differences. North Korea has attacked South Korea in the past and has not taken responsibility, even till this day. So there will be gradual progressions of establishing trust. North Korea is actually going through a bit of a economic down turn and they need South Koreans help, maybe that’s the true reason for the meetings between South and North Korea.