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Life is a right that all living things in the universe should have, however every single  living thing also has it’s own character and individuality. Everyone is his or her own self and can do as he or she wishes. The landmark case Roe vs Wade is a very controversial case because it deals with abortion and the right to privacy. As a result of this landmark case the laws of 46 states were changed, giving women complete autonomy over their body during the first trimester of their pregnancy. This case affirmed the legality of women to have an abortion under the fourteenth amendment and established precedents that determine cases up to this day. Jane Roe was an unmarried 22 year old pregnant woman that resided in the state of Texas. The law of said state used to prohibit the abortion of a fetus, unless the mother’s life was threatened by the pregnancy. Norma McCorvey, also known as Jane Roe, sought abortions from numerous doctors but they all denied her request. Jane Roe claimed privacy as a fundamental right and challenged the Texas statute on abortion. The case was argued two times in the supreme court… in 1971 and in 1972. It wasn’t until January 22nd of 1973 that the supreme court came to a decision. With a 7-to-2 majority vote in favor of Jane Roe, the court made abortion a fundamental right of every women under the United States of America Constitution.Striking down an 1857 Texas statute which made abortion illegal except for when the mother’s life was in danger.   This court’s decision set guidelines for the writing of future legislation on this same issue. When Jane Roe filed suit in 1970, she wasn’t looking for a grandiose rule or statute that would define women for years to come after her death. She was simply trying to end a pregnancy that wasn’t either planned or wished in her home state of Texas. Jane Roe vs Henry Wade, District Attorney of Dallas County is one of the most controversial decisions of the US Supreme Court’s history. In terms of the long term consequences, there is a vast majority of people that think that because of this said law a lot of people were not able to be born and believe that to be a terrible thing. However if you look at the work of Steven Levitt about the consequences of the Roe vs Wade case, you will come to the realization that because of said case the maternal death rate decreased by a lot and so did the crime rate in the whole country at the time. Roe vs Wade is a historic Supreme Court case