Life founded base in chemistry, Biology and Math

Life is all about finding yourself and loving what you do. To me, as a Ryerson applicant, I think I would be able to achieve this if I am lucky enough to attend your Biomedical science program. I enjoy Biomedical science and I think if someone really has a passion for something then they are more likely to be committed and to succeed if they genuinely enjoy the course they are studying. I am very interested in the subject and I think I will be able to engage enthusiastically, produce great work and contribute in a positive way to the class discussion.My passion for the sciences in general started when I went to high school. My father is an Anesthesiologist and he used to talk a lot to me about what he does at work. I felt like his words spoke right into my heart, as if they triggered something within me. I have been captivated by the sciences from a human perspective through anatomy, cell biology and pharmacology. Back in 2013, I have presented leadership when our team won the science fair competition and I was the group leader. This was such an amazing experience to me that made me more confident and enhanced my knowledge. One of the main reasons I have chosen the Biomedical science program at your university fits perfectly with my future goals. I hope to be a doctor one day and I believe the course you offer is a great start that will open new horizons to me and will contribute positively to my future in medicine. “Biomedical science is a delicate balance between what we know and what we have yet to discover”. I have been fascinated by the research and lab- based work both of which you provide at a high standard through your program. I was taught in a Cambridge associate school and have developed a well founded base in chemistry, Biology and Math which I believe put me on the right track. Your university will be more aware of my academic capability when I get to join your program and you will realise my full potential. I come from a rich family and I grew up as a spoiled child, my parents would get me anything I want.  For some reasons, my mom and I had to come to Canada as asylum seekers and I never thought in my life I had be homeless but this was a reality I had to cope with. I believe this is the most important life experience I have ever gained in my whole life and it taught me to never take something for granted.      I have learned a lot of things in my past 12 years of education and was fortunate enough to explore both the British and Canadian curricula. I think it is now time to put all the skills that I have acquired into application and develop new skills in a research- based environment such as Ryerson. What I really like about your Biomedical science program is that it focuses primarily on the diagnosis of diseases, how to cure and how to prevent them. Antibiotic resistance has been a major concern in the last couple of years and it keeps getting worse everyday. I believe everyone should be playing an important role towards making this world a better place for the next generations to live in and to me, I would be more than honored to help humanity keep existing and strive for it.   Venturing into the never-ending field of Biomedical sciences is probably one of the greatest risks I have ever taken in my whole life but I trust that the life experiences that I have possessed and all the difficulties that I have been through along with the dedication I have put me in a good position to stand out in the crowd and proudly represent your university.Word count: 650