Liesel, book for Liesel while he was in

Liesel, more commonly known as the book thief has left her own book behind in the rubble after Himmel Street is bombed and she is the only survivor. The Book Thief starts off on the train ride with her mother and brother. At this time, she didn’t realize that her mother was being taken to a concentration camp because she was a communist. Also, her brother died on the train from the cold weather. She then writes about how she loved her father playing the accordion everyday to soothe her. Liesel talks about how her best friend Rudy always wanted to kiss her but she didn’t want to kiss him. Rudy was constantly talking about Jesse Owens, the african american olympian even though his father disapproved of it. When Max the Jewish man Hans was protecting arrived he had to be hidden in the basement. He wrote a book for Liesel while he was in the basement called The Standover Man. Which talked about he found a father figure in Liesel instead of a man. As her father was caught giving a Jewish man bread it pu Max in danger. Max then had to leave to go to a concentration camp in Dachau. Death, the narrator even foreshadows the bombing scene in the book and sometimes jokes about death. In continuation, the sirens were too late and the Americans dropped the bombs had already. Liesel was the only one left on Himmel Street because she was in the basement writing The Book Thief. Ironically, the street name Himmel means heaven in english but that isn’t what death had in mind. Once the bombs had been dropped and her loved ones were dead, she realized it was too late to kiss Rudy. However, she finds his body under the rubble and gives him the kiss he always wanted. Liesel then began to live with the mayor and his wife until she was able to move out. Once the concentration camps had been liberated Liesel and Max met again. She later moved to Australia where she starts a family and lives to an old age. Death finally comes to collect her soul and he shows her the book that she had written in the basement.In the quote and picture above they both talk about the power of words. In the picture example it shows Hitler rallying a group of his supporters. They are shouting “Heil Hitler” and they really have no clue what it means. However, Hitler has brainwashed using just words and symbols. Words can be fulfilling, advising, hateful, and much more uses depending on the use and context. In Liesel’s book she tries to use the words that best describe what she has been through.