Korea adults who want to prevent media (movies,

Korea and the United States are different countries. Firstly, their historical background is different. Korea has experienced war over three thousand times in its half million-year history, most as the result of foreign invasion; America, on the other hand, has had only two war experiences on its own soil: The Revolutionary War and Civil War. Secondly, the current situation is different. Korea is still in a state of war (truce), and America is not.  BRIDGE TRANSITION Each country’s television shows have their own cultures that we can easily distinguish. Television and media represent a nation; in doing so, they also reflect the people and cultures of those nations. Therefore, there is nothing in the social notions of using a vulgar language (such as profanity), teamwork, personal work, and war in the image media.


(connect with 1 paragraph) Confucianism is based on the long history of Korea. Koreans have a conscious structure that is biased toward conservative views such as respect for adults, courtesy to others, and loyalty to the nation. The only reason for allowing vulgar language, such as profanity, is limited to cases where TV shows, dramas, or movies are limited to a certain age group. Considering the cultural impact of TV drama and film, it is very likely that the dialogue in the movie (or drama) will become a buzzword throughout Korean society. This is because of the conservative purpose of blocking the prevalence of vulgar language in advance. This is the {member} of adults who want to prevent media (movies, dramas) that use vulgar language to {VERB} children or teenagers in advance. It is a collective teamwork that is totally different from the teamwork that appears in the United States. Recently, the possibility of war on the Korean peninsula has increased due to the US hardline policy toward North Korea, and the social tension of Korea is also rising at its highest level. This tension creates a somewhat noisy situation such as a series of opinions about the war, but a natural teamwork to cope with crises rather than an individual work for each individual is being expressed.


Korea has maintained traditional charismatic (teamwork) and individual work based on Confucianism in its long history, and the United States is the country that succeeded its social thought through the Puritan Revolution. Although Korean society is in a social atmosphere that emphasizes individual work, teamwork (impatience) appears naturally in front of society when a national crisis occurs (for example, the government debt repayment campaign and the IMF gold collecting campaign). It is a totally different situation from American society, where teamwork is always emphasized, regardless of national crisis or every day. In Korea, traditional values are reflected in TV and movies, limiting the use of vulgar language (profanity) in movies. In other words, a Confucian culture such as respect for adults, courtesy to others, and loyalty to the nation. This is because it dominates the society as a whole and is projected on the screen. It is completely different from the United States, where freedom is emphasized as the highest priority value after the spirit of the Puritan Revolution. Recently, the opinion that the attitude about the increase of tensions in the Korean peninsula is too easy is coming out of the countries other than Korea. However, considering the Confucian thought that dominates the whole Korean society, the Korean people who expect the war in Korea, there is no, it is preparing for each war in a quiet atmosphere. Americans with little experience of war in their own territory will have an unfamiliar atmosphere. I think this shows the differences between the two countries’ social experiences.


Korean society is quite familiar with war. I think that it is almost impossible to understand the Korean society that is still in the war from the viewpoint of American who is always the other person. Trump’s hardline remarks about North Korea and the deployment of a sword in Korea have raised the possibility of war between South and North Korea and the tension is increasing, but I think the reason why Korean society is responding relatively calmly is due to the many war experiences. Koreans have always been at war and are not afraid of war on the Korean peninsula or planning personal avoidance in light of past experiences that have always been overcome. In the Korean media (drama and film), the reason that I strongly restrict the abuse on the screen even in the tension throughout the society seems to be derived from the traditional Confucianism that “Classical scholar does not run with rain”. This is because the idea that you have to continue what you have to do in any crisis situation is dominating society as a whole. In general, the increase of social tension is often caused by the increase of violence, abuse, etc. In the United States, media is used to relieve stress through the screen, but Korean society is not. The attitude of coping with the war cannot be understood by the American society, but in the Korean society, the individual work is coped with without volatility. In the meantime, Korea ‘s social teamwork is gradually focused on the loyalty to the nation according to tradition. Increasing tension on the Korean peninsula is transforming each individual work of the Korean people naturally into a teamwork for the country. It is quite different from the teamwork that appears in the American society, which inherits the Puritan spirit and is dominated by freedom and individual respect.


Korea and the United States are different from each other in all fields; there are many reasons for differences in the situation between the two countries, which are still in a completely different situation from the historical consciousness of the people who have been formed for a long time. The limitations of the media, the team work and individual work of the Korean society, the war in the Korean society and the perception of it are good and bad comparing the Korean society with the general situation and the relatively general American society. It is thought that it is not appropriate to distinguish. Historical perspectives and standards of social consensus are not disturbed by each country. This is a criterion based on a long historical experience that is very hard to repair. It cannot be said that various aspects of Korean society are different from the United States, which is the greatest power in the world. However, for the development of Korean society, it is better to express more freely than the limited social atmosphere and to emphasize teamwork.