Knowing for plant growth to suit your budget.Growing

Knowing in advance about hydroponic growing medium is required if you have a desire to start farming in this way. Thus, you can easily determine and adjust the material for plant growth to suit your budget.Growing plants with the concept of hydroponics have become a trend everywhere. This method is a way of farming without using the soil. It has replaced the soil as a place of growth with aqueous solutions. The liquid contains nutrients to support plants to grow well.20 Types of Hydroponic Growing MediumMaybe you want to ask about what is the best growing medium for hydroponics. Here are some types of materials that you can use.1. Charcoal huskThere are varieties of hydroponic planting medium. However, the charcoal husk is the most popular and widely used planting medium.Charcoal husk is considered as hydroponic planting medium because it is sterile, cheap, and efficient. Another plus is having chemical components such as crude protein, moisture content, ash, fat, crude fiber, carbon, oxygen, carbohydrates, hydrogen, and silica. While in terms of economical it is one of cheapest hydroponic growing medium.You can obtain it easily. Especially if you live in the village, maybe you can get it for free. In addition, all elements that can harm the plant have disappeared through the burning process. This happens during the manufacturing process. Another advantage of charcoal as a planting medium is that you can use it more efficiently. Because it has a lighter weight, easy to make, and easy to apply.2. SpongePeople who have long been cultivating ornamental plants are very familiar with sponges. This planting medium has very lightweight. When you apply it, this can be a very easy one. You can move and place it anywhere. Sponge as a planting medium does not require a ballast. This is because once you give it with water then the sponge will absorb it and make the plant will become upright.