Journalism – Credible News and Propaganda

?As a journalist, how do you differentiate fact versus propaganda to remain credible? Throughout this journey is finding out the way to differentiate fact versus propaganda, we will be looking at everything in the point of view of a journalist. We will be able to understand journalists better in their work to uphold the truth and recognizing propaganda in possible methods existing in the journalism world. We will then also be looking into the different types of propaganda available and the underlying intention it had and the effects it had brought about to the audience whom it was exposed to.

What is journalism?

Journalism is known to be the timely report of things. It is not an absolute study of a situation.With journalism evolving through the years, how do we know which are the facts and which are just simply propaganda? Facts come about with a meaning of it being the truth. While propaganda is known to be an information that comes with a message or intention to influence simply to cover up an actual fact. As we go on discussing, we will understand the importance in being able to differentiate fact and propaganda to stay credible to the society as a journalist.

Who and what are journalists?

Commonly known, journalists have been recognized by society as one who reports the news and offers clarification and opinion base on the news. Thus, a journalist may write and account that is entertaining and newsworthy based on the interest of the mass. Journalists may write for newspapers and magazines or prepares news to be broadcasted on radio or television. A journalists could also be called a reporter, correspondent, newsman/woman, columnist, writer, etc.. Journalism has turned into a source of information about every conceivable aspect of the world, for hundreds of millions of people across the globe. In its all varieties, journalism is the constant medium and accompaniment to everyday life (De Burgh, 2006).

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