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JD sports



 JD sports have a wide
range of products to sell to their customers at lots of different prices for
all types of customers. These include multiple types of footwear including
running shoes, football boots, flip flops, casual trainers and many more. These
can be easily found at the top of thing.


JD sell multiple
different global brands including Nike and Adidas as two of their top selling
brands. They are seen all over the home page of JD and products are often worn
by models. They sell multiple brands on JD and are available for kids and
adults and all ages in between. All clothes are sold in multiple sizes and
colours to suit all styles and ranges.











Social media

sports use social media to promote new products or any events like new releases
or sales. This is how they can contact to a lot of their existing customers and
to attract new ones. They use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (Facebook having
1,135,821 likes, twitter having around 700,000 follower’s and Instagram having
855,000 followers) their social media also allows them to collect helpful data
to help improve their company websites and how customers can use their services
and purchase their products. They promote products by posting pictures on
social media of products and posting the link straight to it so customers can
purchase them quickly. As well as this they post tutorials on how to take care
of the things you buy from them, for example they show how to use a product
called ‘crept protect’ which cleans shoes.

JD sports also use promo codes to give customer’s discounts
for products, such as 10% off their next purchase. They use these to drive
people to their website to make people aware that the deals and sales are
happening and increase the amount of customers buying products from their



Customer service


JD sports offer a variety of ways to contact them online if
you have any problems with any products and can’t get to their nearest store to
you which can be very helpful for a lot of customers if they have just got home
from shopping and then found a problem.

By Email

JD sports have an email helpline which is dedicated to
helping customers and answering any questions. [email protected]

Ensure you give us your order number for a quicker

By Phone

You can also call JD to 0161 393 7055.


On Twitter JD sports offer a service which you can contact
if you have any query’s which is @jdhelpteam.

Live Chat

They also offer a live chat on their desk top website for an
instant response.




sports have an app where you can buy products from and add products to your
wish list where you can add products so you can save up for it. Much like the
online store, but this app is more convenient for customers to access as they
can access it everywhere from their mobile devices or any others at home. You
can buy the same products from the app as well as the online store. This app
also offers delivery options when you order from your devices.