Jason Collins

Collins humorously explains his success as a professional basketball player as, “If you’re in the league and I haven’t been your teammate, I surely have been on of your teammates’ teammates. ” (Collins P. 3). “L thought I had to live life a certain way. I thought I needed to marry a woman and raise children with her. ” (Collins P. 7) Collins describes his feeling on how he felt he should reform to the standard of the common African-American athlete. He describes he many years of agony, “It takes an enormous amount of energy to guard such a big secret. (Collins P. 9) he says, “l was certain my world would fall apart if anyone knew. ” (Collins P. 9) He then goes on to talk about his overwhelming sense of relief when he came out to his family and how Jubilated he was that they were supportive, especially his twin brother, “He was downright astounded… But by dinner that night he was full of brotherly love. ” (Collins P. 14) In this article written by Jason Collins himself in which he comes out openly infesting his homosexuality is a choice that altered his life forever.

Before May 6, 2013 Jason Collins was a veteran NAB basketball player who frequently Jumped around from team to team hoping to impress the coaches enough to make a final roster. He rarely stayed on a team long enough to make a name for himself or become a household name, so his decision to become the first openly gay athlete in major sports was the first time many had heard the name Jason Collins. Jason Collins should be defined for his decision, but not in any other way besides in high regards.

What he did was a major stepping point for not only athletes who may be in fear of what fans colleagues may think of them but also young men and women everywhere who were inspired to go against the grain and finally step up and be proud to pronounce who they were in their sexual orientation. Collins averaged 3 points and 3 rebounds a game in his twelve year tenure as a professional basketball player, and is many ways he is far more influential than any superstar athlete who covers his demons with incredible performances.

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Collins decided he wanted to make a decision hat would effectively end his career because unfortunately most men couldn’t tolerate having a homosexual man in the locker room, and that bravery was something people who were in his same situation could relate to, not a triple double with the game winning shot. In many ways Jason Collins decision changed his life for minded people, but in more way Collins’ decision to come out as gay defined him as one of the most influential and inspiring men of the modern era, and nobody gay or straight will every forget what he did for himself, and so many others in his same position.