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Jared charronMr.ArtzElements of wellness20 december 2017F.I.T.T. Formula and Goal Setting The F.I.T.T formula is a formula that us used to create the most successful workout plan you. The four main points of this formula are frequency, intensity, time, type. These factors have  to be set for your specific body type and the goals you are trying to achieve (The FITT Formula). The F in the F.I.T.T. formula refers to frequency. The frequency in this formula refers to the amount of time you workout for during a workout and how many times a weeks to workout. An average person should exercise 3 to 5 times a week to keep their body physically fit. If a person does not exercise often every week they can put them self at risk of getting an injury. When creating your perfect exercise program you should consider frequency and plan how many times a week you exercise so you stay in shape and stay healthy (The FITT Formula). The I in F.I.T.T. formula refers to intensity. To involve intensity into your workout plan you have to set exercises that push your body to do more than they usually do. Although When you involve intensity into your workout you have to find a right level of intensity that is not to much but not too little. It the intensity is too much you could hurt your body and get a injury. If the intensity is to little you might not benefit from the exercise and it would have been  for nothing (The FITT Formula). The first T in F.I.T.T. formula refers to time. When you first start to exercise you should start with a small amount of time each day. To start off you should exercise for about ten to fifteen minutes each day. As you continue to exercise you should exercise for longer and longer each day. A person who exercises regularly should exercise for about twenty to thirty minutes each time you workout (The FITT Formula). The last T in the F.I.T.T. formula refers to type. Type refers to the exercises that you are doing while you exercise. Depending on your goals you might have different exercises that you do to achieve your goals. When you exercise you should switch up your exercises sometimes to prevent boredom and to put less stress on certain muscles and put more stress on other to help get your whole body fit (The FITT Formula). Anaerobic and aerobic exercises are very different for the body. An anaerobic exercise is a very high intensity exercise that pushes your body to its absolute limit. When you do an  Anaerobic exercise your body doesn’t use oxygen to help power your muscles but instead uses glycogen to power the muscles in your body. Examples of anaerobic exercises are sprinting, Biking, weight lifting, push ups, and interval training. An aerobic exercise is a low to moderate intensity exercise where the buddy pumps oxygen throughout the body to power muscles. An example of an aerobic exercise is cardio, walking, swimming, dancing, and skiing(Bhattacharya)(Weil). Sleep and nutrition is a very important part of of a person’s overall health and fitness. Sleep can help you in two ways getting a good night sleep can help you get a better work out which can lead to a greater weight loss. Getting a good workout can also help you  sleep better so getting a good night sleep in very important because it can start a good cycle of good sleep and good workouts. Nutrition is important because when you eat healthy your body can both feel better and also perform better causing for you to get a better workout (Davila). When you are setting your exercise goals there are five components that you have to think about. The first thing you should think about is what are are trying to achieve such as gaining muscle or slimming your body. You then are to think about how often you can exercise and you need to set up a schedule. The third thing you should think about is nutrition and getting a good night sleep. You have to set a goal of eating healthy and getting a good night sleep. You then have to think about what exercises you are going to do when you get to do. You have to pick exercises that pit what you are trying to achieve. The final part of your goal that you have to think about is commitment. You have to commit to your goal and go with it and not stop. When you are trying to live a healthy and fit life there are many things that you have to think about to maintain and achieve your goals. There’s more to it than just going to the gym you also have to think about getting a good night sleep and eating well not eating out all the time. Overall when you are trying to live a healthy life you have to do a lot of research and commit.