Jackaby would be the murderer, especially since he

Jackaby by William Ritter is a thrilling novel about a young woman named Abigail Rook and her employer, R.F. Jackaby. It is 1892 in Hampshire, England. Abigail is tired of being told to be a “lady”, so he sets sail to New Fiddlham, New England, for some real adventure. When she arrives, she sees a job listing outside of a bar, for an investigative assistant, which takes the to the apartment of a detective who specializes in the unknown, R.F. Jackaby. Even though a women in the street warns her about how strange Jackay is, she starts working right away. The following day, Jackaby and Abigail begin to work on a homicide investigation, which Jackaby thinks was caused by supernatural forces. Afterwards, they have to sneak onto the scene because Jackaby is not a real detective. Right before they are caught, Jackaby manages to speak with a banshee who’s scream warns the next victim. More and more homicides appear throughout the town. While Charlie Cane, a junior detective and one of Jackaby’s friends tries to stop the murders, Jackaby and Abigail start to uncover clues about the murderer, including details about what he or she wears. Commissioner Swift arrests both of them for getting involved in the case but he realizes that he cannot solve the case without them, so, they get released. That night, Jackaby got all for the police officers together to hunt down the murderer. While they are discussing their plan, Charlie unexpectedly turns into a werewolf and as he runs away the officers begin to chase him because they think that he is the murderer. While they are chasing him, Commissioner Swift transforms into a goblin! This surprises everyone, because nobody suspected that he would be the murderer, especially since he was working on the case. The goblin starts to attack Charlie and Abigail, so Jackaby shoots him. Once Jackaby takes Abigail and Charlie back at his house, they are greeted by a team of nurses and doctors who care for them until their wounds heal. Once Charlie is completely healed, he is given a fake alias so that he can work in the police force without people knowing that he sometimes turns into a werewolf. Jackaby asks Abigail to work with him again and she says yes. As long as Abigail has Jackaby, she knows her life will never be dull.